No new firemen for NYC

18 months ago, a federal judge ruled that the FDNY’s application test discriminated against blacks, not because of any specific requirements, but because fewer blacks passed than whites. He has prohibited the department from hiring anyone until it comes up with a test he approves of. He hasn’t liked anything yet and so, down 370 new firefighters that it needs, the city of New York is paying massive overtime to current fierefighters, ruining its budget and depriving 370 men and women jobs they want. So goes modern American society.


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14 responses to “No new firemen for NYC

  1. JRH

    You’re acting like this one judge made up the disparate impact doctrine out of whole cloth. As a lawyer, you should know better, Chris.

  2. peeps

    Maybe they could give the firefighters a dance test?
    Dancing is related to the stamina and athleticism that firefighters need when fighting fires, and they’d probably do much better than the crackers.

  3. I have one broodling who is a volunteer fireman/EMT but who is sitting for the exam to get a job at a paying department. His dream is to be a NYC fireman so under the Christmas tree, the most adorable book ever, especially when your son is 29: Even Firefighters Hug Their Moms.

    The application test is a topic we talk about ALOT at our house and the current firefighters are none too happy with this decision and those waiting to serve are frustrated. Our next-door-neighbor in RI is a retired NYC firefighter and if he were commenting on this blog, he’d have a word or ten for the stupid judge. Talk about politically correct run amok.

  4. anonymous

    And all the firepeople applaud the overtime not only for today, but also because their pensions are based upon their gross income.

    Taxpayer gets screwed over and over

  5. Cos Cobber

    There are times when cases like this may have merrit. I dont know the details of this case, but on the surface I am skeptic, however again, perhaps there is merrit….I dont know offhand.

    What I am comfortable saying that this situation is more anecdotal evidence of why people in position to make employment decisions opt to outsource, off shore and automate where ever possible rather than to hire humans directly. Modern labor laws present a litny of litigation opportunities and burdensome regulations.

  6. Anonymous: be sure and include your address next time you post a comment and in return I’ll ask the firefighters in your neighborhood to skip you when your house is burning down. Deal?
    There are a million ways taxpayers get screwed, no doubt, but I’ll let my $ go to police and firemen any day. They earn every penny of the pension they get.

  7. JRH

    Guess I shouldn’t be surprised to see another blatantly racist comment in your threads, CF, but there it is courtesy of peeps @ 4:55. Missed this one, too?

  8. LLS2

    yeah man, you have to watch out for the racists remarks.

    or is that OK, being non PC and all ?

    fox news would approve.

  9. JRH

    That’s some really bizarre reasoning — racist comments are okay if you’re talking about race?

  10. LLS2

    that makes zero sense CF.


  11. Helsa Poppin

    Chris’ policy makes sense to me. The forces of political correctness use charges of racism as a tactic to stifle dissent. Peeps was making his/her point via sarcasm and I thought it was within bounds. If you don’t, feel free to criticize peeps (which you did) but asking Chris not to publish comments because you deem them offensive is a bit too much.

  12. peeps

    My comment was done with humor, and I thought it was an equal-opportunity racist comment by referring to caucasians as “crackers”.

    But if my house is burning, I won’t care who saves me or my house, as long as someone saves it. May the best person get the job, whatever it takes, but hopefully their pensions won’t cause me to lose the whole damn thing in the future anyway.