Can Michelle Obama force you to eat your broccoli?

Probably so, under ObamaCare.


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25 responses to “Can Michelle Obama force you to eat your broccoli?

  1. atticus

    Funny, she can’t get her husband to stop smoking.

  2. Walt

    Dudemeister –
    I would be remiss if I didn’t wish you a Happy New Year. Yes, you are a load. But I admire that about you. It is your only admirable quality.

    Seriously, you let me post unabashed, and allow me to stomp on you like a seal pup. I appreciate that. While you can’t sell dirt, or write worth a lick, you do appear to have a sense of humor, at times, and a thick skin. So that is an admirable quality.

    Let’s make some 2011 resolutions. Your other reader, Hiram, AKA Fake Walt, and Pierre Nom de Pluge has to go. His writing is vile, and makes me want to puke. Other that that, we are good to go.

    Anyhows, all the best for 2011. Sincerely. I appreciate your blog. You probably have talent. We just need to figure out where.

    All the best.

    Your Pal,

  3. Anonymous

    “Funny, she can’t get her husband to stop smoking.”

    You got it, atticus: that’s hypocrisy at the highest level.

  4. atticus

    >>The president has gone a full nine months without sneaking a cigarette, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs reported Thursday.<<

    And how would he know? Obama excels at sneaking, if little else.

    The WH Press never reported that Jackie Kennedy was a chain smoker and actively denied that JFK was our least vigorous prez since Wilson, with Addison's and a drug habit. Professional hagiographer Arthur Schlesinger most Jr. verified that fabrication as the truth and later said he never knew about JFK's Addison's or drug use.

    Sure, like that's even remotely believable.

    btw, isn't Robert Gibbs really Roseanne's ex, Tom Arnold? Who's the better comedian?

  5. Peg

    I wish she could force me to work out an hour a day, eat broccoli and not pizza, get me to be more diligent with my real estate marketing and to persevere in bumping up my photographic skills. If she could force me to be able to concentrate more at the bridge table, too, that would be nice. Just as long as no one is forced to eat lima beans (UGH!) – I think we’re safe.

  6. Chris

    Did you see CF what the evildoers have done celebrating the new year?

  7. Anonymous

    Fog Horn?
    Has anyone been hearing a muted fog horn noise in Riverside today? It seems to be coming from the Mianus south of the train tracks? About three seconds on and about twenty seconds off. Any idea what it is?

  8. pulled up in OG

    OT – Scott Lawlor gets a paragraph and a pic.

  9. Anonymous

    Sorry to hijack the broccoli message, but if you don’t mind, can you post something about standard broker agreements for CT? I wrote last week about the broker in Westport who tried for a 6 month agreement, with both parties required to agree to cancellation. What’s your take on this?

  10. Walt

    Dude –
    She is a Wookie. She can force you to eat anything she wants.
    Your Pal,

  11. Last Liberal Standing

    The Obama haters’ll grab onto anything, and squeeze it for dear life. Here’s a howler from one such hater: Michelle’s inability to keep her husband from sneaking a smoke is “hypocrisy at the highest level.” WTF?

    • What ya gonna do, LLS? There’s always something to pick on if you don’t like the president. Do you remember the grief Bush got for vacationing on his ranch in crawford, Texas? Now that Obummer has spent twice as much vacation time, it’s no longer an item worth blasting on the evening news.

  12. Anonymous

    Thanks, CF, I just did a search and read your earlier posts. One question remains– I was also asked to accept that my broker can represent me on properties she is selling. Should I decline that in the future and make an amendment to the agreement? Oh, I lied– a second question– the contract I was presented with didn’t allow me to cancel at will– it required both of us to agree to end the agreement. Thoughts?

    • Anon, it’s not unusual for an agent to both list a house and sell it to her own client. I am personally uncomfortable in that situation but it is legal, with full disclosure. I wouldn’t bother trying to amend the contract but I believe that you can ask that, should become interested in yout agent’s listing, that she appoint another agent at her firm to represent either you or the seller – that way, there should be a Chinese wall between the parties.
      Terminable at will? You can get that provision from me, but a big firm? Never, so sign a short duration, perhaps a month.

  13. Peg

    NOT a peep from Christopher all day.

    I hope he hasn’t been arrested for refusing to consume cauliflower……

  14. Hibiscus

    We’ve been hearing the fog horn for several days here in Riverside. Very strange.

  15. Anonymous

    Chris, Thanks so much for posting the comment about the intermittent beeping noise this weekend. Do you think it could be something other than the Stamford light house? It sounded like it was coming more strongly from the Mianus side. Could it be that wind direction/etc distorted the direction of the sound? Maybe Island Surveyor or others could weigh in whether sound would carry from Stamford light house all the way up to SoPo Riverside, or whether its some noise from Cos Cob.

  16. JDinBkln

    This article you linked to has absolutely no substance — it’s an opinion piece from a right-wing blog about something they think can possibly happen to healthcare in the future via the “slippery slope” argument. It’s crap. And why is it a bad thing that the first lady’s platform is healthy eating? Part of the reason that healthcare costs are out of control in this country is the high percentage of fat slobs who exist on fast food.

  17. Georgie in Greenwich

    Anonymous: off topic….but why are you not using CF for your real estate needs?

  18. Last Liberal Standing

    CF, it’s hard to believe that anyone could take more vacations than Dubya took, but I’ve heard the claim aplenty, so I guess Obama’s the Top Slacker. The real gripe about Bush, though, was that he was so clearly more comfortable “in his element”–clearin’ brush, wearin’ a tall hat, roastin’ a pig, makin’ wisecracks, and puttin’ in lotsa miles on the joggin’ trails–than in posing as The Decider and rubberstamping Cheney’s agenda for six years.

    Bush once had the high ambition to become Commissioner of Major League Baseball. If he had gotten that job, I would have been amused by his gaffes and puzzled at how he ever obtained the post. But in retrospect, it would have been ever so much better for the country and the world if he’d been busy punishing George Steinbrenner instead of pushing his snout into Afghanistan and Iraq.