Tony Volpe, R.I.P.

I previously posted what I thought was a humorous piece on the death of a mobster, Anthony Volpe, and got back several furious emails from his children.In addition, I received a phone call from his son, who was very upset with what I’d said. I’m not a monster, despite what his children think, so I’ve removed the post. Anthony Volpe is dead and gone, and his sins are between him and his God. His children remain here on earth, and I apologize to them for hurting them in their time of grief. And no, this apology has nothing to do with threats of violence but rather, just an act of humanity and sympathy at Christmas time.


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8 responses to “Tony Volpe, R.I.P.

  1. Walter Noel’s kids will be calling next.

    You may have revise the whole operative modality of FWIW for MMXI. (Try that in your grammar checker!)

    Peace and Joy until next year.

  2. Nothing wrong with being (a) apologetic (b) humane and (c) sympathetic to end the year. Happy 2011 from us to you and yours.

    Anyway, the ONLY important issue at the end of the year: do you bourbon or rum your nog??

    EOS and family

  3. You might want to change the name of your blog to MR. OBLIVO.

    TWICE I have wished you a merry and happy and what do I get in return? Bupkes! Do you read your comments??????? Sheesh.

    On top of today’s bon mot, on December 22 I said:
    While I have you Chris, Merry Christmas to you, your mom, your daughters, Nancy, the two new cats, and your siblings. I’m shutting down the computer for the rest of the week and wanted to take a second to let you know how much I appreciate all your hard work here. Your readers are sure a devoted flock (some a little loony) but what a compliment to you that they hang around day after day after day…after day. Here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2011. Fondly, EOS and the Mr.

  4. towny

    who needs nog?

  5. Bud

    I am really impressed at how you and your commentors can be so smug and insensitive to the death of someone. It seems to me that if there were a brain between all of you that you would recognize that everyone on this earth leaves someone behind that loves them. But I guess none of you people have that luxury. Happy New Year!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Language Watch 2011

    The New Transitive Verbs – Legacy Alcoholic Beverages

    Example: Bourbon or Rum

    Use in a Sentence:
    Chris: Did you rum this nog?? [Ed: Isn’t that two verbs? As in: Nog me again.]

    I bourbon, you bourbon, he, she or it bourbons.

    Research: Should Ram be a past participle?

  7. SVP

    Some of us are rather tired of the smugness of the “sensitive” crowd. Where’s the sensitivity for Volpe’s prey – a life-time’s worth of victims? Surely one of them, too, so dearly misses the beloved parasite?