Tacos in Riverside

The owners of that yellow taco truck across from Sachs Plumbing in Stamford (and, I believe, a strip joint) are opening a store on Apache Place next week. Apache is that little street, first left off Sheephill, next to the Mobil station. Not much visibility, but these folks make food good enough to seek out. Not quite the same quality, I think, of some of best of the little roadside Mexican stands I found in New Mexico, but pretty damn good, and compared to Taco Bell? No contest. I’ll be there next week.

UPDATE: Beginning Monday, they’ll be open 7 am –  8 pm.


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12 responses to “Tacos in Riverside

  1. What is meaning of “and, I believe, a strip joint”?

    You know from plumbing?

    • Nah, but isn’t Beemers or some such place next door? I’ll confess, at my age, I’m focused on Sach’s or the taco truck, but I think there’s a strip thing going on over there, too.
      UPDATE: To be honest, it’s not about age- I’ve been dragged to maybe three strip bars in my life, and was totally repulsed, each time – just not my thing. I love women, and especially naked women, but not in that setting.

  2. Cobra

    As good as Taco Joe’s? After the Cos Cob location closed in the early 80’s, Taco Joe’s opened up in Norwalk, soon to disappear forever.

  3. Cos Cobber

    oh thank goodness some decent southwestern take-out food is coming. since this little sliver of riverside is zoned for cos cob school, i view this new place as a cos cob joint.

  4. Pierre Bergé, Nom de Plume

    Monsieur, try Casa Villa on W Main, just down the hill, where you can sit at a table. But where can one find good cheap French food in the area? Pierre

  5. dogwalker

    Oh, goodie! Thanks for posting! Ummmmm, tacos!

  6. sound beacher

    Before you move on to Mexican food next week, what happened to going to Chinatown for Chinese this week?? Do you pick a sport, how was it? Did your daugher like it? While you’re bringing us up-to-date, where is the video of the Potato canon? Where is your follow-up??

  7. sound beacher

    2nd sentance should have read: Did you pick a spot, how was it? …

  8. Shoeless

    I’m waiting for Walt to chime in about how he assumed that taco shop was just another name for the strip joint.

  9. Anonymous

    Coyote Flaco in Port Chester

  10. Debtvulture

    We go to the truck in Stamford – El Charrito – once a month or so. Just had it today in fact. GOOD stuff and I am looking forward to it being a little closer!!


    Their menu online is small but there is always a bunch of daily specials.

  11. What nobody mentions Tacos Mexico on Fort Point street in Norwalk? (Exit 16, take right, take another right just before the train station.)