Unintended consequences

You're off to Wyoming to find a new home

In a feel-good move, Congress banned horse slaughter some years ago – who wants to kill Black Beauty? – but never considered what would happen to the horses they “saved”. Turns out, they’re being shipped, under dreadful conditions, to slaughterhouses in Mexico. Now some animal rights activists are reconsidering. Maybe they should have thought this through in the first place.


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3 responses to “Unintended consequences

  1. George W. Crossman

    We are probably giving them away. We raised them at tax payers expense and give money to Mexican businessmen.

  2. IDAHO

    With the economy what it is it is becoming difficult to even give away a horse.
    Many go to Canada from this area and others get a one way trip to the woods to become bear feed! Mother Nature is a great recycler…

  3. geog

    Good post but the consequences were not unintended. The workers who lost their job when the slaughterhouse in IL had to shut down because of the feelings of letter-writers can attest to that, I believe.