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Hmm – robbery?

 This fellow has been convicted of robbery after a decade of bumping into people and then  claiming that they’d broken his (already broken) glasses. A hundred bucks and he’d go away.

My criminal law professor Loftus Becker could probably have a field day with this one: some goof carries around a pair of busted glasses, bumps into strangers and demands reparation. Robbery or simple scam? If the defendant were 4′ 2″, definitely scam. But this guy is 6′ 2″, 270 pounds, so intimidation comes into play, and in my opinion, makes it a robbery. But suppose he had no more intention to rob his victim than the midget? Should he be charged with a felony just because of his size?


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Oh, come on

135 Riverside Avenue

Local builder Peter Fusaro does a great house, well crafted and excellent quality, but sometimes, he over prices his work. Take this house in Riverside, just down the street from the train tracks. He priced it at $3.595 million back in 2008 when, even then, that was a stretch. He rented it out when it didn’t sell (duh) and now it’s back, used, at $2.8. I don’t know – it’s maybe 3200 sq. ft., plus a finished basement, so that still seems steep to me.


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Meet U in Chinatown?

Mmmn good!

 I’ve been  trying to use the poll feature via WordPress, but can’t quite get it going, so let’s use a more primitive approach: Is there any interest out there in heading to Chinatown? If so, when? This weekend? Next weekend? Three weeks from now? And having established a date, where should we meet?

I think  it would be cool, and I have three seats in my own car to provide free passage. But a true Chinatown buffet should have a whole bunch of dishes that all can share. Do we have a dozen folks out there who want to try this out? Let me know.


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