Can’t we give this guy a break?

Obummer attacked for not presenting a Presidential image The man’s on vacation, for Crissake and, as a devotee of flip-flops myself, I entirely sympathise with my President . But geeze, check out his legs – Michelle must be feeding him a starvation diet of vegetables – he looks positively Haitian.


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9 responses to “Can’t we give this guy a break?

  1. Well, at least it is better than those pictures of him with his feet up on the oval office desk.

  2. anonymous2

    Sorry, you’re totally wrong on this one. 24/7 the president represents the United States of America, so take a good look at that picture. That is your country, or what’s left of it, after two years of Obamanization.

  3. Peg

    I don’t mind if the guy is casual on his vacation. But – I’m with HotAir. Can you imagine the MSM had a photo of GWB popped up like this one?

  4. Anon.

    Call me old-fashioned, but the man is a symbol of the United States of America. This image is seen by billions around the world on the internet. What do you think goes through their minds? I know what goes through mine.

  5. Al Dente

    Haitians aren’t that skinny – he looks Kenyan.

  6. Front Row Phil

    It’s an obamanation(!) for the president of this once proud and mighty nation to look almost third worldish. Another good reason to not support him in 2012.

  7. dogwalker

    It makes me feel like I’m getting old . . . but I’ve been thinking that for a while.

  8. Old School Grump

    It’s tricky for ANY president to pull off the “regular guy in casual mode” photo op. Most recently, I think Reagan (cowboy mode) and Bush I (classic preppy) did it well, for two reasons: first, these were–genuinely–their natural styles, and second, they had enough sense to not appear in shorts. Even if you look good in shorts, you cannot look dignified in shorts. Hell, even the wardrobe crew for Gilligan’s Island had enough sense to not put Thurston Howell III in shorts.

  9. atticus

    Like Hillary, cover those legs!!!

    Do kankles lead to socialism? Or the opposite?