Well, maybe I’m wrong on this

I’ve claimed that the Republicans are obsessed about abortion, but I didn’t realize the numbers. In NYC, 41% of all pregnancies are aborted. That’s awful.


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  1. Peg

    Couldn’t agree more; awful on a number of fronts. I am pro-choice myself (and find the attitude of some Republicans painful). Nevertheless, getting an abortion is not akin to having one’s toenails cut. Sometimes, an abortion is necessary and the best decision for a woman. Still – it is a medical procedure, not without risk. Also, that the numbers are this high would lead one to think that many people are being woefully irresponsible with any sort of birth control.

    Put me down as someone who votes for abortion being legal – but rare. Obviously, the “rare” part is missing in action!

  2. The breakdown by race is distressing:

    Non-Hispanic Black’s have a 59.8% abortion rate.
    Hispanics have a 41.3% abortion rate.
    Asians have a 22.7% abortion rate.
    And non-Hispanic Whites have a 20.4% abortion rate.

    The Planned Parenthood is a direct descendant from Margaret Sanger and her vision of a eugenically-planned society. So they have that going for them…

  3. Well, maybe you’re not wrong.
    But what side of the bed did you get out of this morning?

  4. I too am astounded at the 41%. Although, I’d rather see a woman abort a pregnancy than bring a child into this world that she can neither financially nor emotionally support. That, IMO, is the greater evil. I would like to see how many of those abortions are performed because the fetus and or mother is determined to be in critical health. Your thread takes the tone that the abortions are performed “just because”.
    In my early college year(s), abortions were performed in a motel room in the back in the dark by a doctor who only took cash and girls were scared to death. We’ve come a long way.
    PS: My house power is surging. The snow is really heavy now. I’m going to shut down for a while. Later.

  5. My rant

    With world population at 6,750,000,000 and counting (approximately 170,000 net population growth DAILY!!!!!!!!!!!!) , I’m not that troubled by abortion.

  6. My Rant, I’m a big fan of birth control, but having suffered (vicariously) through three miscarrages, those are huge losses, and an abortion seems, to me, like an induced miscrriage. If it isn’t, then there’s something wrong going on out there.

  7. Inagua

    Abortion is birth control for the lazy and stupid. It is way better than forcing these women to have babies they don’t want.

  8. These staggering numbers suggest abortion is being used as a birth control convenience.

    The adoption option? Lots of infertile, but willing, potential parents have a very difficult time connecting with a baby to adopt.

  9. Lls2

    I would prefer to see those numbers higher in nyc. The amount of retards walking around, especially in the outer boros is astonishing.

    Margaret Sanger had somevety good ideas.

  10. Inagua


    You say it is depressing that non-Hispanic Blacks have an abortion rate of 59.8%. Would it influence your opinion if you knew that Blacks still had a higher fertility rate than other groups? For instance, as of 2000, the Black fertility rate in America was 2.13 births versus 2.05 for Whites. This suggests to me that Black women are using abortion as birth control, not as population control, which I assume was your concern.

  11. Pete

    Ask China how that 1 baby policy is working out for them.

  12. shoeless

    WF Buckley once penned an editorial that basically said that if he were the racist bigot that many considered him, he should argue vehemently in favor of abortion due the skewed termination rates listed above.

    Quite honestly, part of me says that I’d rather pay for ’em in one shot rather than a lifetime of handouts.

  13. pulled up in OG

    Cheer up. Think of it as a budget cut.

  14. I’m with you, EOSR, heart, soul and uterus.

    As for our host’s belly-aching, men are not women. If it was up to their gender to carry a baby to term, there would be nothing BUT abortions — or better birth control. Meanwhile, we women would have invented Viagra and kept birth control illegal, uncovered by insurance or unavailable to our barefoot, housebound hubbies in the kitchen.

  15. Jimbo

    Not sure what Island Surveryors trying to say. That the charts he links to support your original idea that Republicans are obsessed with the politics of abortion?

    Nevertheless one of the charts struck me as interesting. The bottom chart seems to show that two-thirds of women getting abortions already have children (assuming that the great of majority of the live births they had previously are still living.) That indicates we’re not talking generally about women not ready for motherhood, as they are already experienced mothers. Nor are we talking about women who will suddenly have job/childcare conflicts or sudden huge jumps in expenses (until college.) That’s interesting because it doesn’t fit the public stereotype of abortion seekers.

  16. dogwalker

    Another issue that drives me nuts. EVERYBODY would like to reduce the number of abortions . . . so wouldn’t it be more constructive to find a way to work together towards that goal rather than spend lots of time and resources fighting about legalities.

  17. peeps

    It’s possible that the big differences in rates could be due to some groups being better at insisting the guy uses a condom or maybe that they are under a dr’s care and have prescribed birth control pills. I really don’t think it’s a purposeful attempt to control any one group’s breeding numbers.

    The interesting thing would be to compare abortion rates with percentile of pregnancies. What group is having the most children? Is there any relationship of abortion rate to purposeful, planned children entering this world or is the group with the lowest abortion rate also the same group having the fewest per capita births?

  18. Old Coot

    There are thousands of would-be adoptive parents out there who would devote their lives to caring for an “unviable tissue mass” as unborn children are often called. I know this first-hand; my adoptive parents were two of them.

  19. Lorin Hart

    I was pregnant twice in desperate circumstances and under extreme pressure from family and those circumstances to abort, I could not. I threw myself on God’s mercy and we made it, in spades. Theose kids have grown up and are the lights of my life. I also had 2 abortions. I wish I had not… I learned that choosing life is better in the long run and that there are resources available that could help anyone facing a desperate pregnancy and that my convenience is not a reason to abort a baby I brought about. That said, PROSECUTE the 30 year old fathers of the babies of these under 15 year old girls.

  20. LLS2

    Peeps wants to know, “What group is having the most children ?”

    Here is my broad generalization:

    Mexicans. the poorer, the more children they have.

    they don’t seem to mind being impoverished and raising children.

    now, being caucasian and educated; if we cannot afford to raise children in a half way decent manner we tend not to have them. or we only have one.

    especially growing up in greenwich we have pretty high standards to live up to.

    if you come from some piss poor town in mexico, living in bushwick brooklyn probably seems like a step up.

    :end rant:

  21. DA

    “bring a child into this world that she can neither financially nor emotionally support. That, IMO, is the greater evil.” What?!? It’s actually an incredibly brave thing to do. If not for that decision of my son’s birth mother, we wouldn’t be parents and, more importantly, the world would have never been graced with the presence of my sweet and smart little guy. When he discovers the cure for a disease or something, perhaps we can revisit how “evil” it was for her to make that “choice.”

  22. Inagua, my concern is with the moral issue of apparently using abortion as a birth control method, based on the numbers and percentages stated, not population control.

  23. Helsa Poppin

    I’m pro-life, as a natural consequence of being pro-human, so maybe my perspective on this is skewed. However, I can’t help wondering what the effect of all this butchery is on the recipients, providers, and administrators of these abortions. There is a callousness toward children in our society that I find disgusting, which explains why child molesters are often protected from prosecution by their friends and colleagues. This extends to pregnant women. I never felt more physically weak and vulnerable than when I was pregnant, and rather than being treated with care and concern by my fellow citizens and subway riders, or rather even being treated neutrally, I felt like I was actually treated worse – like I was invisible, or an un-person, or someone contributing to the problems of the world by daring to bring in another human being. (BTW, most likely to give you a kind smile and a seat on the subway: a Hispanic or African-American woman. Least likely: white man in a suit).

    There are people who harbor deep-seated resentment against humanity itself, and I think they regard every successful birth as a failure, and every in utero termination as a triumph. By no means do I put all pro-choicers into this category, but I can’t help thinking that the language used to defend abortion rights hasn’t fed into some of this anti-woman, anti-child, anti-human sentiment. Just my opinion.

  24. Inagua


    Thanks. I misunderstood. That abortion is birth control for the lazy and stupid has been a simple fact of life since 1973. While I now understand your concern, please consider that morality aside, it is probably beneficial to society to have fewer unwanted babies because these babies are more likely to become public charges, criminals, or Democratic voters.

  25. Inagua

    Helsa Poppin.

    Out of an abundance of respect for your deeply held position, let me ask you, “Do you support birth control?” If the answer is yes, then you must consider the fact that abortion is a method of birth control for many women. Or do you want to limit birth control to methods of the prudent and prepared? Do you want to make abortion illegal?

  26. DA: You are making a giant leap from giving birth to knowing you can’t take care of the child.

    Sadly, very sadly, too many women give birth who can’t afford to, and often, because of their culture, or maybe a lack of education, choose to raise the child themselves, in poverty. How lucky for you a birth mother thought about the child, and not herself. I’m saying that’s an exception, not the rule. Just watch one episode of the MTV show 16 and Pregnant.

    I volunteer at a nearby women’s prison and I can’t tell you how many incarcerated women WANT to get pregnant and WANT to keep the child, even with counseling from adoption agencies.

  27. DA

    Earth, Ocean etc. What leap? You said “I’d rather see a woman abort a pregnancy than bring a child into this world that she can neither financially nor emotionally support.” Do you really believe that poverty = bad parenting? Wow. Very elitist (and “bougie”?). Have you not seen the appalling parenting that can come out of an affluent household? I grew up in Bedford; went to school in Greenwich. Even in the wealthier households there are kids who are neglected, who turn to drugs and who develop eating disorders. Conversely, there are some wonderful poor families–single mother or two parents. I’m the grandchild of immigrants who scraped by. Despite the lack of resources, the parenting was pretty darn solid (happily, happily–not sadly, very sadly). I wouldn’t point to an MTV reality show to support an argument about the wisdom of women aborting their children. It is a show about teenagers that has become tabloid fodder, not a serious look at the consequences of women in poverty choosing to raise children themselves. I don’t think anyone would disagree that women in prison shouldn’t try to get pregnant.

  28. DA: Elite I am not. Far from it. Yes, wealthy kids get ignored and poor single women can raise happy children. But spend a week with me at the foster care homes where I volunteer or come with me to the prison and then see that poverty + lack of education equals thousands upon thousands upon thousands of children who would have been better off in this world unborn. Sure, let’s paint a prettier picture and say each of those mothers put their children up for adoption for families like you who will give a child a loving and happy home. It doesn’t happen because in many cultures birth control and adoption are not considered acceptable. So the child is born and when that young mother has no parenting emotional skill set or no money to feed and clothe the child, what happens next? It’s not a good thing. For the record, I detest abortion. But when I see the longing faces of children stuck in the system, I say abortion is a far better choice than throwing a life away AFTER it’s born.