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Bloomberg discovers our YMCA

I have no idea why, but Bloomberg News has figured out the scam going on with our local YMCA . I steered the Boston reporter who called me to people more knowledgeable than I, but watch for fireworks -if this scandal has made its way to Boston, we’re in for some fun.


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Greenwich High Ski Team



They’re up and running again. My daughter Katie was captain of the team ( I think so, anyway) but I can’t remember the name of the doctor who took time out of his practice to coach them – does anyone remember his name? If I remember correctly, the team had lost its coach and it wasn’t going to happen one year, when this guy volunteered. A great guy, and as someone who used to close my own practice to coach John’s baseball team, I truly appreciated his sacrifice – I’d go to Riverside School to conduct practices, whereas this man went to Middletown or some such Godforsaken place ( I used to go too, sometimes, but as a fan, not a coach). That would have been 2002, 2003?


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Wrong restaurant?

I’m thinking of that place in the Whole Foods shopping place in central Greenwich – I’ll get its name tomorrow and then see if we can do a meet up on Wednedsay.


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Okay, it’s not China Town, but Hunan Cafe?

Wednesday night? Thursday? We can all meet EOS, albeit with a paper bag over her head. What say you all? I’m for Wednesday, but I’m sure Hunan will accommodate us either night.


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You ever try this?

Yum yum

I’ve got a red snapper baking in the oven at 425 for the next forty minutes or so, encased in a salt crust. Basically, you take a whole fish, put some sliced lemon, parsley (and I add some scallions) into the cavity, then make a crust of Kosher salt ( pound or so!!) an egg, and just enough water (a few tablespoons) to make a paste. Pat the paste all over both sides of the fish- it should be about the consistency of sand castle material – throw it in a baking pan and roast at 425 for 40 minutes (depends on thickness of the fish, naturally), Crack off the salt paste and you’ll remove the skin, scales, whatever, serve with new potatoes , maybe a little extra lemon, olive oil and parsley and, bliss. Easy peezey.


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Is the NYT really blaming the Tea Party for the Congresswoman’s assassination?

You read it, you decide . It seems to me that they are, which is crazy – the guy posts the Communist Manifesto on his Facebook Page and approves of Mein Kampf. Whatever his mental troubles are. that doesn’t make him a Tea Party member except, apparently, in the eyes of the New York Times.

Look – it’s a horrible, awful act, but I think it has everything to do with mental illness and nothing to do with politics. That’s my reading, anyway.


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Good Lord

I go out to view a house and do a little grocery shopping and come home to find that some horrible nut has shot a Congresswoman, a federal judge and a nine-year-old girl, among others. There’s no bright side to this story, of course, but I’m impressed that someone tackled the gunman and restrained him from causing further harm. That’s one brave person.


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Terrorism threat in Britain?

So they say – alert is raised.

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Heh – remembering the 1983 “Toilet Bowl”

27 years ago, Oregon wasn’t vying for a national championship.

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Most arresting headline of the day

From the NY Post, of course: Killed and castrated

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A (temporary) end to foreclosures?

Massachusetts court rules “no tickee, no washee”.  If followed by other states, banks could be screwed, as well as those buyers who’d like to buy a foreclosed house. On the other hand, deadbeats can now breath easy.


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Thousands of Egyptian Muslims serve as human shield for Coptic Christmas mass

Good on them.


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