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On a brighter note, here was a life lived in full

Dick Winters, “Band of Brothers” commander, dead at 92. A heck of a man, as were the troops he led.

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So sad

Griff Harris’s grandchild dead at 18. I didn’t know the boy, but I certainly know his extended family and, as a parent, I can surely feel the pain and the loss.


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I’m sorry for her troubles, but I’m impressed that,at 90, she’s still hitting the liquor store

Riverside liquor store owner rips off old lady.


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Meet up on Wednesday?

Okay, it may snow Wednesday, but don’t we all (except me) have four-wheel drives? Who wants to come out to whatever that Chinese restaurant is in the Greenwich Whole Foods place? Great food, and should be fun (and empty). Or we could try Thursday.

I’m trying to insert a simple poll here, but it’s not working, so just send a comment. Bummer! I figure $15 a head would get us some great food (bar extra).


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There’s nothing good to say about the Tucson shooting

But this story about four heroes, including a 61-year-old woman, who subdued the shooter says something encouraging about our country. But what an awful, horrible incident.


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Nice to know that there’s still a market for antiques

54 Doubling Rd

I really liked this 1839 home, but it’s got, maybe, 6’6″ ceilings and is all twisted and quirky. I’d  have moved into it in a minute, but my clients, all families with young children, weren’t interested and I didn’t blame them. But now it’s under contract, which pleases me. Last asking price was around $1.6 million.


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Real Estate

Remember real estate? This is a blog about real estate. And there’s finally a little news to report.

76 Bush Avenue

This Belle Haven house, with a bit of a noise issue from I-95, has finally sold, for $4.6 million, down quite a lot from its 2006 asking price of $6.9, but still substantially above its assessment of $2.3.

10 Meadow Lane

10 Meadow Lane (central Greenwich, off Zaccheus Mead), 2.59 acres, asked $3.950, got $3.075.  2.6 acres, assessed at $2.6.

47 Carriglea

Brother Gideon has got his Riverside listing at 47 Carrilglea under contract after dropping its price from $4.299 to $3.995. Assessed at $3.136. Too bad this didn’t happen before Christmas, but I do have a birthday coming around in July.


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