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Whatever happened to hiring kids?

The town’s using up its budget for snowplowing – not really a big deal, because we budget on the average snowfall, and some winters we save money, some winters we lose it, but back in the 60’s, kids like me could make $6 an hour – big money back then – manning sand trucks. I’m pretty sure Greenwich doesn’t do that anymore. But why not?


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Sometimes, you get what you pay for

Mackey’s Mobil, in Old Greenwich, is probably not the cheapest garage in town, but I like Peter, Paul and Kenny (don’t know what happened to Mark) and I appreciate dropping off my car and walking one block to my office. And then there’s this: my daughter Sarah was heading out west last week and casually mentioned that her car (which, of course, had been sitting in the driveway for six months) had two bad tires. I went to Mackey’s at 8 the next morning and within 45 minutes, we were equipped and Sarah was on her way. That was great service, and it turned out to be fabulous service when I saw that Sarah’s route through Atlanta, Mississippi and Louisiana were all buried in snow just a day after she passed through. Thanks, guys.


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Nope – no real estate news today

Fudrucker suggested that I just make up some stories, and I may resort to that tomorrow during the snowstorm but for today, there’s nothing happening.


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Peter Tesei eyes GHS graduating class, panics

Kid elected Mayor in Minnesota

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