Daily Archives: January 14, 2011

Just so long as we have our priorities straight

Homeland Security cancels the Mexican border fence,  but balances that by barring a nine-year-old from visiting Disney World because he’s a security threat. I feel safer already.


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Senior citizen at work

Doris Payne, right,and the actress who is portraying herEighty-year-old international jewel thief Doris Payne caught casing jewelry store while out on bond. She’s had a long career and once she’s out again, she’ll no doubt continue. Query: does one collect Social Security while incarcerated, or is this proud woman just determined to save taxpayers money?

Movie of her career, stealing from high-end jewelry stores in New York, Paris, Tokyo, is apparently underway. Halle Berry (left, obviously) plays Doris. Should be fun.


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Does this make any sense?

Stamford’s new mayor names bar tender and former Mets coach Bobby Valentine as head of security for the city. I have nothing against Mr. Valentine, but what, exactly, are his qualifications for this job? Bring back Dan Malloy.


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