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If Georgia asks nicely, I could summon my great grandfather to march through the state and burn it again


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Here’s a hell of a catamaran

I pulled the plug on a custom catamaran designed by Chris White when I figured its $100,000 cost would depreciate 50% the second it hit the water, but this one, at $1.1 billion, obviously appeals to a different wallet. The Chris White design strikes me as a lot more fun, but what do I know?


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We’d never win the west today


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The Spring market begins

Martin Luther King Day is the traditional start of the spring market and this year is no exception. I know of a new listing at just above $4 million here in Riverside that had five showings scheduled for yesterday and seven today. The buyers are here: is your house priced appropriately?


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So what’s with Pats fans?

I like both the Patriots and the Jets, which I guess rules me out of being a real fan of either, but I was cheering for the Jets yesterday, even though I was sure they couldn’t win. But geeze, did you see the stands at 1:39 fourth quarter? Half-empty. Yes, the Pats were two touchdowns down, but I would never, ever count Tom Brady out and, even though rooting for the Jets, still gave New England a chance. Which they almost made. Give up on Tom Brady? Crazy.


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I blame Wendy’s

You gonna finish that?

Wendy’s has been running a series of ads about their french fries, claiming that they’re so good that diners want to keep them for themselves, rather than share. Now I’m not saying that those ads are directly responsible for this shooting in Philadelphia over a bag of fries, but surely they created an atmosphere that led to it. For shame.


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Detroit to close half its schools?

That’s the plan, with high school classes holding 62 students. My suggestion? Shut down the entire system, fire everyone: teachers, administers, school aides, everyone, and split the budget among parents to pay for private education. There would be a flood of private entrepreneurs who would rush to fill the vacuum.


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Well damn

Steve Jobs goes on medical leave of absence. I’m not aware of any other major company so dependant on one individual, and I urged a friend of mine with a bunch of Apple stock to dump it a few months ago, just because pancreatic cancer has a life span of something like a year, and Mr. Jobs is 4 years past his shelf life. Too late for that now, so maybe you should wait for tomorrow’s collapse and buy more at the bottom?

But what a shame.


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Coming our way?

Five-year-old unsold  spec home burns in Southbury.


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