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Excuse me?

Idiot woman tumbles into fountain while texting while walking at mall and, naturally, wants to sue. That’s if she escapes jail time for her previous crimes, of course.


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Kids swarm the library for mid-terms

Makes sense to me: what are libraries for? In my day, if I studied at all  during mid-terms,(a rare event), I’d meet up afterwards with my friends at IHOP and we’d drink pots of coffee and discuss Siddhartha, or something similar. Simpler times.


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So what’s wrong with this?

Taliban drives villagers out and occupies town, we blow up the town. I suspect we’re going to end up fleeing Afghanistan and leaving these barbarians to decapitate school girls and everyone else they choose to hate, but until then, is there any reason to lose a single American life to road-side bombs? I think not. “You may fire when ready, Gridley”.


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And he’s not a Chimblo!

Patrick Marr, cute junkie nitwit

Unless he’s a cousin. 23-year-old CosCobber arrested for knife-point robbery of CVS. OxyCondon Contin- it’s what’s for dinner.


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YMCA head quits? Is fired?

A reader alerts me that Rebecca Fretty has fled the ship. I don’t know the story here, because the incompetence (for sure) and corruption (possibly) occurred before she ever took charge. My guess is she came, she saw, she ran. I haven’t heard back from that Bloomberg reporter who called about this mess, but I did refer him to folks who know more of the story and they did speak to him, so I’m hopeful we’ll be seeing an interesting story soon. Makes you wonder why Greenwich Time is letting Bloomberg get ahead of them on such a local story, no?

UPDATE: Cos Cobber sends along this link to Greenwich Time’s article this afternoon. They’ve had this story for a least a month now, but perhaps the pressure of Bloomberg’s scooping them has forced the editor to risk offending the powers of Greenwich. My advice is to keep your eye on Greenwich Hospital’s Frank Corvino.

But with the YMCA fighting to avert a fire sale, discussions of a potential takeover of the site by Greenwich Hospital for a health and wellness center have leaked out in town.


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I’m not saying that they should let up, but doesn’t this just clear the way for Albanians and Mexican gangs?

FBI, cops, round up 127 Mafiosi in pre-dawn raids. I didn’t realize that there were that many Mustache Petes still surviving, but good: get them off the streets. I do believe, though, that law enforcement is concentrating on a dead and dying breed. Look at that Valbella restaurant case of a year or so ago. While the Albanians were literally hanging the owner by his heels in the basement and extracting a weekly cash flow, the Italian goons from Brooklyn were satisfied with free supper on Saturday nights. What kind of business model is that? Idiots, and doomed.


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Brokers hogging both sides of the commission

“We deserve it”, they say.

Welcome to the age of the kingpin broker, where a select group of powerful real estate agents has quietly — and surprisingly — grabbed a firm grip on their markets. In some cities, such brokers have become almost the only game in town, with a hand in a third to a half of all home sales. For brokers like these, top-dog status is a credit to their business savvy and to the work they’ve put in to building a strong clientele. But critics say their dominance also gives this group a daunting amount of leverage over their customers. Think commissions are negotiable in a soft economic climate? Not with the biggest agents in town, who can easily have more than 100 listings and can turn down new ones without giving it a second thought. Have a buyer’s agent and want to see a home listed by the market leader? Forget it, if that mega-agent won’t split commissions; she’s likely to shut you and your agent out. And who needs to advertise a property? A top broker might offer the home without even placing it on a multiple-listing service, the holy grail of real estate advertising, because he “knows everyone.”

There’s some of this going on in Greenwich but, in general, properties are listed on the Multiple Listing Service and are sold fairly. In large part, that’s probably due to the fact that we all know and work with multi-millionaires, and only the greediest, most corrupt agent would screw his client by denying access to ours.


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