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I’m not saying this is Walt, I’m just guessing

"Hubert Black Man" - Could this be "Walt"?

Disappointed Las Vegas patron sues for $1.5 million after not being cuddled after receiving blow job. Talk about high expectations. Hey, maybe it was Ed Krumeich – anyone seen him this week? (No, it wasn’t Ed, of course – he’s at Rye Playland, waiting for the boats to re-start next spring. Don’t tell him, but those boats may never run again).

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Fools and their money

Mega-yachts aren’t selling. A friend of mine, now bankrupt, told me, ruefully, some years ago, that it was easy to buy a boat, but much harder to sell it. And he had six of them.


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What? No skating at Binney Park?

A nice article on skating on the Mianus.My father, who didn’t believe in double skate blades, equipped us with kitchen stools, and we skated way, way up stream on the Mianus while learning to balance on one blade. But we also skated at Binney Park, as did my own children (with kitchen stools) and now I learn that skating is banned at the park?  What’s up with that?


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More on the YMCA

No thanks to me, but to readers. As reported yesterday here, and today in Greenwich Time,YMCA has fired its President. It’s not her fault that the organization committed to a hopeless expansion plan – she wasn’t there. But now the almost-100-year-old institution has a $20 million pool, a $19 million debt, no gymnasium, no room for original members and no shelter for the homeless. Oh! And they sold off Calf Island. The idiots who accomplished this (and I include Franklin Bloomer, of Riverside) will just move on. The YMCA, unfortunately, will be absorbed by Greenwich Hospital. What a shame.


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16 Round Hill Road

16 Round Hill Road

A really, really nice house, that sold for just about land value. This was actually a September deal, priced at $4.250 million (and went to contract in 15 days) but closed yesterday for $4.3. I’m not a huge fan of bidding wars but in this case, I think the buyer got a great deal. Great location, excellent property. Elizabeth Douthit of Round Hill Properties handled the listing and she did a great job. (Joe Williams represented the buyer).


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Well, it’s not a house steal, but still a bargain

Fairway is selling fresh mozzarella for $3.99 a pound. I’ve been paying $7.99 at ShopRite, and it’s excellent, but this sounds like a good deal. Nice store, too.

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If curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, I might

Of course not, but the kittens Ma adopted are certainly causing a lot more trouble than Henry. Henry stalked around the house in a most regal manner, and then supervised the neighborhood, commanding his kingdom. Mooky and Molly are crazy kids – they come alive around 4:00a.m., trash the house while chasing each other around, knock over flowers, wake us up and in general, are complete pests, and then retire to sleep until the afternoon, when they resume their antics. Geeze, it’s like being a parent  again.


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We don’t need a “new” civility on this issue

Congresswoman Gabby Giffords is headed off to a rehabilitation treatment center and, so far as I know, no one, right, center or left, wishes her anything but the very best results. When it matters, we do pull together as a country.

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Joe Klein defends Rick Santorum?

And I agree with everything Klein says. Abortion is a tricky subject, but I think Klein gets it right.

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So what does Dannel McCoy have against Greenwich?

I hear from a reader that, as of 10:00 a.m., Route One in Greenwich remains unplowed. That makes three storms in a row that the state has refused to attend to the only road in town under its jurisdiction. Once could be oversight; three times in a row, it’s policy, and I don’t get it. We provide something like 30% of Malloy’s budget and he received a goodly number of votes from town,so what’s his beef, and why is he doing this?


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4:00 AM snow report

Only about an inch here in Riverside, but coming down hard. Back to bed.


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