He’ll have to do something about that hair but otherwise, why not?

Okay, so I have a bad barber – sue me!

Some years ago I created a (very modest) stir in Connecticut political circles when I invented a few quotes from Scott Frantz claiming that he’d run for Joe Lieberman’s seat.  I was just having fun, but now, it turns out that, as I suspected, he is interested. And why not? You won’t find a nicer guy, he’s smart as a whip, and has the money to campaign. I hope he goes for it.


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16 responses to “He’ll have to do something about that hair but otherwise, why not?

  1. Crazy Hairdo Won't Do

    Buzz cut welcome here. Wife name Icy also has to go. Block off Riverside for Bush also not good idea. When will he come up with good ideas?

    • Crazy, when he “closed off” Riverside, he also delivered an (expensive) orchid to every merchant in Old Greenwich the next day,accompanied by a handwritten note apoliogizing for the trouble. I thought that was a class act. As for Riverside, I went home for lunch without trouble, had a fine time speaking with the cop stationed at the head of our street and then went back to work. No big deal, but perhaps forthose suffering from Bush derangement syndrome, it was.

  2. w b h

    Scott is a fine gentleman. I skippered his dad’s boats (48′ Elco cruiser, and a 44′ Pearson ketch) at the Riverside YC for five summers while I was in college. Great summer job; Scott was 4 the summer of ’64 when I started. I taught him sailing in the dinghy; he’s done very well racing his beautiful 80′ Herreshoff ketch, Ticonderoga. He graciously hosted me for lunch on board back in September ’06.

  3. dollarbill

    If he’s serious about running, Scottie could get off to a good start by reading this letter –which he probably won’t, but that doesn’t mean the readers of this blog shouldn’t!


  4. Anonymous

    Scott Frantz is a good man and would make a great Senator for Connecticut.

    If Connecticut can elect a man of Frantz’ character and values to the Senate, there may yet be hope for the state. Otherwise, this state is on the same path to socialist ruin as California, just ten years behind.

  5. IDAHO

    dollarbill, Thanks for the great link! Cook and I have alot in common, age, finances, and opinions to name a few things.

  6. ohdollar!

    Here is an excerpt from the link you sent:

    You often speak of “what the American people want” as a result of this election. I am one of those “American people” whom you represent even though I am a Wisconsin resident. So while not an Ohio “constituent”, I want my voice to be heard by those who represent “the people” in the nation’s “House”. So please read on as I have a lot to say.

    did your party fell this way when pelousy was in charge? looking back at the healthcare vote it seems that the answer would be no…..


  7. Riverside

    Don’t know who this Cook is, but the cynic in me says this is just a planted “letter” written by the DNC. It’s a relatively new tactic – ie ginned up letters and postings from “republicans” and otherwise average and respectable Americans who think that republican politicians are racist cretins, etc. This one from a “greatest generation” 82 year old veteran who is as far left on the political spectrum as one can be. Not buying it.

  8. Pete

    Is that three dollar bill?

  9. Anonymous

    How, exactly, is someone whose job consists of moving around inherited wealth considered a “businessman”? I don’t begrudge anyone their success. Capitalism is a wonderful thing. But let’s not pretend that this guy pulled himself up by his bootstraps.

  10. Riverside

    Many people who inherit a lot of money (especially in their 20s) find that twenty five years later they have only a fraction of it left. Scott inherited a lot of money and through smart investing has multiplied it many times, while giving a ton of it away for charitable purposes along the way (almost always very quietly, I might add).

    There are many very wealthy young business men in this town who give virtually nothing to local charitable organizations, and Scott has been a leader in that area for decades. He is a guy with a surplus of humility, grace, common sense and compassion – not at all what you might expect from someone in that position.

    Someone with Scott’s profile could easily have left behind a trail of bitter or jealous people, but he is almost universally respected by those that have known or worked with him.

  11. kanisa

    I have also known Scott, though not well, for thirty years. Let’s be accurate, he inherited a LOT of money. Did he do well investing it, I doubt it, because he would have liked a Wall Street career at one point but never managed to have that, so I doubt he had much success as an investor. As for giving away lots of money quietly, I have not noticed that it is particularly quiet. One example is the building they paid for at Hotchkiss School (tuition 40 grand a year) which has their name ALL over it. He it’s his money, but personally I think it’s a silly place to give millions and I am sorry but that is not “quiet”. I would like to know what Mr Scott Frantz, Round Hill Club member, whose kids have all gone to super expensive private schools, is going to do for the rest of Connecticut’s residents. How can he even begin to understand our problems?

    • Kanisa, long befoe Scott Frantz had kids, my Pal Nancy,then head of the Riverside PTA was charged with raising some big bucks to install computers in the school (this was, maybe, 1990?). Scott came up with a six-figure contribution – no kids in the school, nor, at that time, any polititcal ambition, just a pure intent to help neighborhood kids. I’ve met the man just once, but I was totally sold on him 21 years ago. He’s definitely for real.

  12. TraderVic

    NONE of CT’s senatorial candidates are poor or even average. They are all filthy rich. Scott Frantz is more humane, decent, and compassionate than most, which is a great starting point. I am certainly willing to believe that he could help Fairfield County, and I hope that he can convince the rest of the state that he can do likewise.

  13. Riverside

    Both Scott and his father went to Hotchkiss and Princeton and yes, they have given money for building projects at both schools (and several other local schools here in town). I know Scott very well, and I can tell you that you haven’t heard (and will not hear from him) about enormous donations that the Frantzs have made that do not bear their name. And for the record, I know that he has done very well investing.