We’re idiots

White House allows Chinese pianist to perform anti-American propaganda tune at state dinner. Oh, and that $19 billion Boeing deal? It’s four-years-old, and actual value is $11 billion. Chumps – we’re chumps.


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13 responses to “We’re idiots

  1. NoWorriesMate

    Please be more tolerant Chris. You clearly don’t understand.

  2. Didn’t you know this already, Chris? The Chinese have already bought and sold our economy and our economic future. We’re dead men walking, unless we renege and start to reclaim our own heritage.

  3. pulled up in OG

    If they’re buying Dreamliners, the announcement was premature.
    Not unlike MNRR/CDOT and their new dreamliners.

  4. Peg

    Clarification; too many of us have been chumps for too long. You and I and a number of others are not chumps. Unfortunately, until and unless we can turn around the chumps and their voting habits – we are along for the ride to chump-dom.

  5. Anonymous

    A competent State Department would have vetted the song and in control of the agenda would have substituted something more appropriate.

    The Chinese have the measure of Obama. They know he is a liar and a gutless pussy.

  6. NoWorriesMate

    But the Chinese will NEVER have a 10″ pianist

  7. The Duke of Deception

    This makes the Duke sick.
    Fuckin’ Commies.

    Amd Odouchbag wonders why so many people in this country don’t trust him.

    The Duke wants heads to roll.

  8. Hu Nhu?

    yes, I Nhu.

  9. HG

    It is true that Lang Lang played this and it is true that it has some anti-American overtones. It is also true they ordered some Boeing airplanes from us and that they are marginally willing to take a discount on the money we owe them (by allowing their currency to appreciate against ours). Maybe next time the President can arrange for the Steve Miller Band to play “Take the Money and Run”

  10. peeps

    This reminds me of a Stamford-based poet who, about a dozen years ago was reciting severely outrageous anti-American poetry at a Stamford Art Center. I think his name was Mandingo and it turned out he was on all kinds of government assistance and was wanted back somewhere else on a sexual assault charge.
    There he was up on stage railing against the US, while cashing his US government checks. I wonder whatever happened to him….

  11. dogwalker

    Peg, We are not along for the ride . . . we also are voting . . . with our wallets . . . practically every time we buy just about anything.

  12. Cobra

    Peeps…Mandingo is now one of Obozo’s most trusted czars, in charge of recalibrating the bullshit meter every time the Community Organizer in Chief pegs the needle when making a statement or promise to the American public.