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Gun laws – how tough is too tough?

Winchester 94

I recently purchased a 1956 30.30 rifle from a federally registered gun dealer. I had to wait two weeks for a background check before receiving the weapon, even though I’m registered with the DEP as a certified hunting safety instructor. And I’m okay with that – we probably should be keeping an eye on who is buying guns these days. Similarly, should I want a “carry permit” for a pistol, I have to undergo an educational course, including time on a range, and then another background check. Which again, I’m okay with, but all of this will just assure that I, a fairly sane, mostly law-abiding citizen, will probably not track down my Congressman and start firing.

But I wasn’t going to do that in the first place; nor, I suspect, would any other citizen willing to undergo all this nonsense.The crazies and the criminals? They’re going to find weapons illegally, and aren’t going to follow our nice, sensible laws. But now some legislators are trying to toughen our laws  [h/t, Sound Beacher] – for what purpose? It will pose yet another hurdle for law-abiding citizens, and absolutely no barrier at all for our criminals.


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Time marches on

Back in the day, Ricky Margenot and I had law offices directly across from each other on Mason Street, the scene of frequent car accidents. I suggested to Rick that we invest in flashing neon “LAWYER” signs that we could light up after such incidents, as well as some business cards, laminated in plastic that we could scatter about the scene, impervious to blood. Rick has more taste than I do, and declined the idea (he did laugh, which was the point) but here’s a law professor who reports that he’d barely reached home after a fender-bender before being assaulted by promotions from trial lawyers and chiropractors. Gotta love new age marketing and the Internet.

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What a bunch of bullshit

Mayor Bloomberg is pushing for new national gun laws that will compel states to download their mental whacko lists with the feds so as to keep nuts from owning guns. Why the mayor of a city would be wasting his taxpayers’ money by travelling to D.C. for this kind of nonsense escapes me, but Bloomberg claims this is all in response to the Tucson shootings. Well that’s just fine, Mike, but the assassin was never in the Arizona mental health system. So there would have been no record, and your proposal would not have prevented the shooting.

This is all of the same coin as NY Senator Schumer’s plan to ban anyone from carrying a weapon within a 1000′ of a federal official – it’s all show, no substance. It is already against the law to murder anyone, federal employee or not, and illegal to assault a federal official, so this guy would have been stopped by a new law barring him from bringing a handgun within (extremely long) shooting distance of a Congresswoman? Uh huh. I truly detest politicians.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: One of my two liberal readers, JRH, points out that it is conservative Peter King, Republican from Long Island, who is behind this 1000′ foot legislation. Idiots come from both parties, and Schumer is still one of them, but ….

UPDATE II: Schumer wants to have the military report all confessions of drug use by applicants. Which is just as stupid – Lochner is the only such character that I’m aware of who went on to shoot a member of Congress, and he’s presently out of action, but my point remains: we pass laws after the fact, all for the benefit of politicians who wish to appear to be “doing something”.


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This is interesting

Rahm Emanuel ruled ineligible to run for Mayor of Chicago. Who knew there were rules in Chicago politics? This will probably be overturned when it hits Illinois’ Supreme Court, but who knows? This was a three-judge appellate panel, which ruled 2-1.


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Price it, sell it

4 East Point Lane

This house on East Point is in a desirable location, close to the beach, but it was priced at $2.975 back in January, 2008, and wouldn’t move. The owners finally dropped the price to $1.995 in, I believe, December, and now it’s under contract. Funny how that works.


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Is it cold in Houlton?

How’s -50 below  zero grab you? When we lived in Bangor, Pal Nancy had a job with Eastern Maine Medical Center, recruiting doctors for hospitals in the far north. Not surprisingly, doctors willing to consider such postings were often from the Third World, eager to get into the US (or drug addicts, but that’s another story). One poor Pakistani doctor asked Nancy, “is it cold in Hoton?” and she admitted that it could “get a little”chilly”, which was damn honest of her. I can’t remember if he took the job or not, but it became a husband/wife joke every time we saw a weather report from Houlton in the winter, mentioning temperatures of 30 below: ” Is it cold in Hoton?” Still, 50 below is cold, even for them.


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Close half the nation’s post offices?

That’s the proposal, which would make sense to me had Google not cut off my access to my email account last night, but now I wonder.


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