What a bunch of bullshit

Mayor Bloomberg is pushing for new national gun laws that will compel states to download their mental whacko lists with the feds so as to keep nuts from owning guns. Why the mayor of a city would be wasting his taxpayers’ money by travelling to D.C. for this kind of nonsense escapes me, but Bloomberg claims this is all in response to the Tucson shootings. Well that’s just fine, Mike, but the assassin was never in the Arizona mental health system. So there would have been no record, and your proposal would not have prevented the shooting.

This is all of the same coin as NY Senator Schumer’s plan to ban anyone from carrying a weapon within a 1000′ of a federal official – it’s all show, no substance. It is already against the law to murder anyone, federal employee or not, and illegal to assault a federal official, so this guy would have been stopped by a new law barring him from bringing a handgun within (extremely long) shooting distance of a Congresswoman? Uh huh. I truly detest politicians.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: One of my two liberal readers, JRH, points out that it is conservative Peter King, Republican from Long Island, who is behind this 1000′ foot legislation. Idiots come from both parties, and Schumer is still one of them, but ….

UPDATE II: Schumer wants to have the military report all confessions of drug use by applicants. Which is just as stupid – Lochner is the only such character that I’m aware of who went on to shoot a member of Congress, and he’s presently out of action, but my point remains: we pass laws after the fact, all for the benefit of politicians who wish to appear to be “doing something”.


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13 responses to “What a bunch of bullshit

  1. Cobra

    Ted Nugent for President.

  2. JRH

    Chris, this post is badly in need of correction. The bill you’re referencing re: barring guns w/in 1,000 feet of a member of Congress wasn’t the spawn of your liberal nemesis Chuck Schumer. Rather, it was introduced by a conservative Republican congressman from Long Island, Peter King.

  3. Anonymous

    At least five of the mayors in Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” civilian disarmament pressure group have been either charged with or convicted of felonies.

    Numerous others have been implicated in outrageous scandals.

    Nugent/Fountain ’12

  4. sound beacher

    Don’t forget CT has some gun law changes they are trying to get passed, too.

  5. Tokenebozo

    Yes, he was never in the AZ mental health system (which people have commented is really no system at all, it does so little), but Bloombergs line on this is that Loughner was a convicted drug abuser and that should have been enough to put him on the no-buy list. The no-buy list needs to be kept in better shape if it is to be any use at all. His drug history was enough to keep him out of the military when he tried to enlist. Personally, I would have sworn the guy in and within 24 hrs had him dropped in to S. Waziristan with a box lunch and all the guns and ammo he could carry. That would solve his problem and maybe solve one or two of ours.

  6. Old School Grump

    Am I missing something? Has it suddenly become difficult to buy guns at places other than licensed dealers? Since when?

  7. Lls2

    Chris :

    Worried you may end up on the ‘whacko no buy , gun list’ ?

    A national law can’t be passed fast enough. Time to get with the times, old timers.

  8. towny

    I think if one is deemed unworthy because of mental issues to own a gun, they shouldnt be allowed to drive a dangerous weapon like a car.
    That includes the 40 million people on anti depressants. alcoholics…drug arrested ect.
    What say you LLs2?

  9. towny

    FYI-Bloomberg soft on gun crime
    “Prosecutors in Manhattan have the highest conviction rate among the city’s five boroughs against people collared in second-degree gun possession cases. About 22% of Manhattan defendants get convicted on that charge, according to a News analysis of state Division of Criminal Justice data from 2003 to 2007. The conviction rate hovered around 10% in three other boroughs: 9% in Staten Island, 10% in the Bronx and 12% in Queens. Brooklyn had the lowest conviction rate at 7%.
    Citywide, 11.4% of the 9,729 defendants charged with second-degree gun possession were actually convicted of that charge, which carries a mandatory 3-1/2 year sentence.
    Most people charged with second-degree gun possession don’t get convicted of that crime. In all five boroughs, most have the charges knocked down to less serious crimes or see them dismissed.
    Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan said his office uses the mandatory minimum sentence as leverage to gain gun intelligence and to convince defendants to plea to a class D violent felony, which can carry no more than a year in jail. “While we will convict less people of the arrest charge, we’re gaining intelligence on the gun traffickers,” he said.”- Daily News

  10. LLS2

    that’s a real valid analogy there townie,

    :turn sarcasm off:

    while everyone needs cars to get around. at least in CT. Not everyone needs a gun.

    guns are designed to kill.

    can it be any more clear ?

    • Guns are also designed to provide self-protection, and to, yes, kill game – both are entirely legitimate objectives.My rifles are for game, my pistol is for any asshole who invades my home. I’m comfortable with each.