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End game?

“Ocean Perch”

I bought some filets of this fish the other day and they were delicious, egged, floured and then coated with panko bread crumbs and fried in butter, but I wondered: we’re moving down the food chain on fish – these guys are maybe 12″ long, and would have served as food for larger fish, if larger fish were still around. Yes, these perch fillets were half the price of flounder, which is why I bought them, but they are only available because commercial fishermen are now concentrating on them, having killed off their larger predators.

We no longer have cod, for the most part, so now we’re offered capelin, a small, smelt-like fish, but they’re the basic food fish for cod – the cod can’t come back from over-fishing if the fishermen turn to wiping out their forage. I admire commercial fishermen, and I doff my hat at the dangers they endure, but they are complete f’n idiots who are going to kill their industry and deprive their children of a livelihood within a decade, and then come crying to us for a bail-out. The heck with them. These guys have to accept some responsibility and stop killing the feedstock, now. It seems to me that they are going to chase their livelihood all the way to the bottom, which is approaching soon. Morons.


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Damn it, here’s why I still read the NYT

A great article on the Green Bay Packers coach home town, Pittsburgh. I hate – hate! – their editorial board, but the Times has some of the best reporters on earth (including my cousin Henry Fountain, of course), and this story illustrates that perfectly.

 I’ve got to check with my cousin Ed where our great-grandfather John Caldwell’s house stood in Pittsburgh I’ve seen photographs, with its Tiffany glass windows and beautiful woodwork, but Ed lived in the city, and tells me that that section became a slum after 1910 and the house burned down. Still, I’d like to visit.


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Who is this asshat, Robert Burton?

 Unknown Greenwich resident, fat man Robert G.Burton, wants his money back after UConn fails to consult him on hiring a football coach.

Gee, don’t it hurt when people just DON”T KNOW WHO YOU ARE?! What’s the point of having money if people won’t listen to you? It’s goddamned disrespectful, that’s what it is.
Suck it up, Bob.
UPDATE: reading his letter to UCONN, I guess the guy grew up poor and got rich, which I respect, very much. But that can lead to a thin skin, which seems to be the case here.


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Local Knowledge

My mother met today with her estate lawyer Jeverah Kaye Hennesy(sp?) (203) 625-5300  and her (my mother’s) financial advisor, Eric Kreuter (203) 862-2114. These are  great people whose services I have recommended for years, but it never hurts to remind readers that they’re out there. Can’t go wrong with either one. This is why I don’t run ads on this site – I can acknowledge wonderful people, and you needn’t fear that I’m being paid to promote them.


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I hate to do this but

Brad Hvolbeck’s new listing at 120 Pecksland Road is, I think, perfect for one of my own clients, but priced at $4.895, I fear it will be gone long before I can drag him out from the city. I’m just back from its brokers open house and I would compare it favorably to many houses priced for millions more. According to Brad, the owners bought the land 20 years ago and, while the house is pretty recent, the land costs are relatively minimal and, most important, they want to sell. Absolutely beautiful, to my taste – in fact, I brought my mother along because we were already in central Greenwich, (Brad graciously let in a non-broker, but they do know each other)  and she said she’d be delighted to move in today. Unfortunately, the Fountains are long on taste but short on money, so Ma will have to stay put, but if you’re in the market, this one is well worth considering.


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Uh oh -the dreaded double dip in housing prices has reared its ugly head

Prices going back down, again.


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I can’t wait!

Keith Olbermann to run for Lieberman’s senate seat?


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