A dismal Hartford

The place wasn’t exactly a hot spot when I attended law school there in 1978-81, but they now have a 30% office vacancy rate, and growing. What do you do when a city dies?


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12 responses to “A dismal Hartford

  1. just_looking

    have the gov’t bail it out, of course.

  2. Chris,

    When a city starts to die we should just let it die. Just like the ghost towns of the old West, if folks want to live other places, we should let them — and let the city they left behind fade away gracefully.

  3. Pete

    What do you do when a state dies?

  4. Move to the suburbs of Hartford

    Most people just go to offices there. Diverse ethnic groups may be the key to it’s revival. A new Mayor (albiet gay) may bring new ways and ideas here. But still must be corrupt since tax dollars go in but they do not end up on the streets (in politician friend pockets unfairly). The surrounding towns have a lot of historical significance and potential, and great housing prices.

  5. Anon

    Yes Hatford’s better days are behind it but I think what was missing from the article is a discussion of demand for office space in general and whether there is too much of it.

    20-30 years ago offices gave way to cubicles which have been replaced in many companies by open space (no offices or cubicles). Combine this with an increase of telecommuting and offshore outsourcing and you have to wonder who will fill the space available. New buildings will always find tenants but there are a lot of obsolete buildings (like the ones mentioned in Hartford or the old UBS building on Steamboat) that are probably terminal.

  6. Cos Cobber

    Adrian’s Landing!!!!

    I kid of course, what a boondoggle. There are times when its worth saving a city (reasonable efforts) and times when its not. There is absolutely no reason to believe the Hartford is going to rebound in a meaningful way. Small and medium sized cities in the midwest and northeast w/o the benefit of a major university operating within city limits are doomed in the long run. Air conditioning has built the south and southwest and I see no reason for that to slow down.

    Pete, you ask the question de jour…..an issue I feel better about now that the dems dont have control of congress.

  7. IDAHO

    Pete; Wonder why you let that broker talk you into all those tax free bonds.

  8. A dismal Greenwich

    A recent drive down your Avenue reveal the latest fashions in “For Lease” signs which is not surprising. No parking in your town. Over priced shops. And attitude that only belongs in Beverly Hills. Good luck. Your schools have fallen to 12th place too. That’s a town on the move down.

  9. Cos Cobber

    Dear A dismal Greenwich, Yes we have issues in Greenwich, like all communities, but its issues are far more solvable than most.

    Lets address two of your issues. While the ave has had store turnover and churn, it hasnt had much in the way of long term vacancies. In terms of occupancy and retail expenditures per sq ft, Greenwich stands toe to toe with any other traditional main street in the northeast. Off hand I cant think of any that have more leased retail sq footage, can you? The reality is, the amount of vacant space on the ave is overblown, its remained quite full despite the power internet, the stamford town plaza, mid town and the white plains lux mall.

    The performance of our schools is debatable. While there is certainly room for improvement, no doubt about it, overall performance isn’t that far behind the other schools. When you parse the data, it appears that the lower income students are pulling down the overall school wide averages. We have lower income students in our school system unlike New Canaan, Wilton, Ridgefield, Westport and Darien. That all said, I am hopeful that the new super can improve district wide performance. We need to do better.

    thanks for visiting. keep up the positive attitude, -Cos Cobber.

  10. Anonymous

    Hartford is the Stockton of Connecticut, without the agricultural potential.

  11. JRH

    @movetothesuburbs — what the hell does “a new mayor (albeit gay)” mean?

  12. Gay Mayor


    Are we looking at next Providencetown or Key West?