Gordon Lightfoot

WFUV just played Peter, Paul and Mary’s version of Lightfoot’s “In the early morning rain”. Great writer, and great trio. I did jump a few freight trains, back in the day, so this song’s lyric, “you can’t jump a jet plane the way you can a freight train” resonated. That, and waking up cold and drunk a few too many times back then.

Mary Traver’s daughter lived here (and she still may, so I won’t blow her cover) and I met her at a party, years ago.  I looked at her and said something silly (but sincere) like, “don’t I know you?” “Mary Travers is my Mom”. Spitting image. Mary died a year or so ago, and what a loss.


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12 responses to “Gordon Lightfoot

  1. dollarbill

    That’s a beautiful piece, and one of myPP&M favorites.

    You know, for a right-winger, you certainly show unerringly good taste for “left-wing” music! Given their message, I don’t think PP&M in their prime would have been welcome at a Tea Party rally, much less invited to a John Birch convention.

  2. bc

    she moved to Florida.

  3. Retired IB'er

    Gordon Lightfoot’s rendition is soooo much better…

  4. NoWorriesMate

    Actually, they’d have been far more welcome at a tea party gig than a Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, or AlQaeda in wherever meeting. That filthy who’ with face uncovered, she’d have been stoned. When are tolerant libs gonna finally figure out who the real enemy is, when they bomb the Oscars?

  5. Peg

    LOVE PPM. Back when music really was music.

  6. Daniel

    From my experience, the “Tea Party” people a more tolerant than you might imagine.

  7. Anonymous

    Yes, she has lived in Florida for the past 8-10 years.

  8. Brian

    Good stuff Chris…John Denver was a friend of mine…he sold his first song (leavin on a Jet Plane) to Peter,Paul, and Mary for $12k……bought his first house in Aspen with the money…….just goes to show you…Real Estate is still a good investment over time….

    • Brian, I envy you your friendship with the man. It was only after his death that I came to appreciate what a great writer he was. My bad – I’d dismissed him as too saccharine back in the day, although he seemed like a nice guy, but he really did pen some great songs. What a shame he died so young, and i’m sorry you lost a friend.

  9. Anon E. Moose


    Being a sailing man, I woulnd’t have thought you could mention GL without a link to this one: