A good house finally goes to contract

I wrote about 55 Londonderry when it came on 286 days ago and expressed my opinion that it was fairly priced at $2.750.  Well that shows how much weight my opinion carries, but it’s gone to contract today, after being reduced to $2.595. A nicely renovated house, with a pool and pool house, on two acres on a good street, I think someone got themselves a  very decent buy.


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7 responses to “A good house finally goes to contract

  1. xyzzy

    Did the house in Riverside that has 13 showings its first weekend go to contact?

    • geeze, Xyzzy, I don’t know – I’ll check. I’m not aware of any exceptional houses in Riverside going to contract this month, but I could have missed this one. Back to you soon.
      UPDATE: one offer in, which the sellers have refused to even counter. My advice is to always keep the negotions open, but my advice is often rejected.Besides, in this case, no one’s asked me for my advice!

  2. xyzzy

    Wow, interesting, Not sure which house this is but 12 showings and only one offer is not a good sign for the pricing.

  3. Note

    Could you please elaborate –which house in Riverside, addres?? The Cathlow Drive one?

  4. Maximus

    Verona Drive.