Can you spell “disconnect”?

Donald Landesman, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts dared suggest that we have an oversupply of regional theatre and the people in tights have gone wild. 

“What does he mean there’s too much supply?!?” wrote Trisha Mead, the public relations and publications manager at Portland Center Stage in Oregon. “What does he mean we can’t increase demand?!? Who determines which theater companies are wheat and which are chaff?!?” In another post, Durango Miller, a playwright and director, said: “Why not just increase funding? “

Great idea, Trisha, let’s raise taxes to pay for yet another lesbian/transgender/I hate my parents play, that simply must be produced by the non-producing class, paid for by workers and seen by no one but your friends. That’s the ticket!


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8 responses to “Can you spell “disconnect”?

  1. Last Liberal Standing

    Can you spell “Philistine”?

  2. George W. Crossman

    Another lesbian/transgender/I hate my parents play? Come on Chris, don’t candy coat it. Tell it the way it is.

  3. Philistine

    If the Pharisees want it so badly, let the Pharisees pay for it.

  4. Last Liberal Standing

    Let me see . . . you don’t want your “hard-earned” money taken from you to pay for things you don’t like. But by that reasoning, I shouldn’t have to pay for things I don’t like (you know, nukes, and redundant military bases, and outmoded fighter planes, etc. etc. etc.). And I have to wonder how much money is spent on the foolishness you don’t like, compared with the costs of the foolishness that I don’t like.

    • LLS, we already have a role model for popular entertainment: Hollywood. If they make a movie that people are willing to pay to see, then the studio makes money. If not, they don’t. Same thing on Broadway. What makes regional theatre different? Why should it be the Post Office of theatre?

  5. Last Liberal Standing

    You really do believe that the market is the best arbiter of merit?