Ethanol and Newt Gingrich – the hell with both of them

A reader below mentions this editorial in today’s WSJ but I’d already read it over my morning coffee and dismissed Mr. Gingrich from any further serious consideration. I’ll forgive a stupid person from error because, heck, he’s stupid. But Gingrich is not, so when barnstorms Iowa, claiming that only pointy-headed-intellectuals oppose ethanol, you know that he’s pandering to the farm vote. Screw him, screw the farmers, who should be satisfied with the record price they’re already getting for their grain. Instead, they just got the EPA to increase ethanol content fromn 10 to 15%. How can 1% of the population stick it to the rest of us?


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13 responses to “Ethanol and Newt Gingrich – the hell with both of them

  1. Anonymous

    KY jelly is one thing, but 15% ethanol hurts – bad.

    My engines are ruined. My gas hoses are filled with gunk.

    My outboards are Kaput!

  2. Donato Loscalzo

    The issue is not so much ethanol in itself. It is what ethanol is made from. Sugarcane ethanol is 7 times more powerful/efficient than US corn based ethanol. 2nd generation ethanol (from grass starches) which may be coming to market in not too distant a future may very well be a partial alternative to petroleum extracted gasoline. However, I absolutely agree with your sad commentary: as long as the entire US political process will continue to be lead and directed only by lobbies and the ensuing fight between the ones better funded etc, the pawns whom we call politicians (whether Republican or Democrat) will be just that: public puppets.

  3. Fred2

    We are governed by the stupid party which alternates with the evil party.

    And we believe that things will continue to go well.

  4. armonk

    They can stick it to us because the Iowa Caucus often determines the next president. e.g. Obama.

  5. Cos Cobber

    Screw Newt. I’m really disappointed with him now. PS- wasnt that “reader” me who brought this up?

  6. Anonymous

    Newt is a complete tool.

    O/T, have you been following the emerging “Operation Gunwalker” scandal over at BATFE? The gist of it is that BATFE under the guise of their Operation Gunrunner, has been:
    – directly smuggling guns into Mexico,
    – facilitating straw purchases at legitimate gun-dealers. When a group of well-respected gun dealers in Texas and Arizona called in questionable buyers and purchases, BATFE explicitly ordered them to let the sales proceed,
    – did not inform the Mexican government in violation of standing agreements and directives,
    – and here’s the big one, one of the BATFE smuggled guns was used to kill Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in a recent firefight.
    It’s already quite sporty on the southern border.

    BATFE smuggled a couple thousand guns into Mexico to pad the statistics and to justify their budgets.

    Senator Chuck Grassley has requested that BATFE provide additional information on the gun-smuggling, the Brian Terry murder, and end the internal harassment of the whistle-blowers. He has copied Eric Holder on his most recent request for information. So far, BATFE is stonewalling.
    Senator Grassley’s office is calling its file, the Brian Terry whistleblower case. Copies of Grassley’s letters can be found on the internet.

    It is said that the whistleblowers have documentation that the coverup goes all the way to the top of DoJ and to the West Wing.

    I wish CT had Senators and Reps responsive to and active in investigating this outrageous abuse of fedgov powers.

    Stay tuned.

  7. dollarbill

    I fail to see how anyone could view Newt Gingrich as anything but “stupid.” Now you’ve discovered? He has always been a pompous,blow-dried windbag, who had his clock cleaned years ago by Bill Clinton, and resigned in disgrace from Congress. Just because the thrice-married Gingrich appears regularly on Fox News does not make him into some revered intellectual, and this latest demogoguery on ethanol should seal the deal with you (but it probably won’t), because you like the fact that he pisses off liberals In the final analysis –pissing off liberals — is really all that binds you conservative libertarian-ish types, isn’t it?

    • In fact, Dollar Bill, he wrote some very good historical articles (he is a professor of history, so that’s not entirely surprising) but it’s his political acumen that leaves me cold.

  8. atticus

    Gingrich started as a Rockefeller Republican and Rockefeller, in his heyday, was the leading Lib in the nation. And we all know how well that turned out.

    A Hunt, staunch Lib, made that Rockefeller-Gingrich observation many moons ago. His point was that Gingrich has no center and his weathervane often goes awry. He and Arianna Huffington are alike in that quest for the limelight even after time has passed them by.

  9. Cos Cobber

    Thanks CF. Yes, few take care of me the way you do big guy.

    As for Newt, hopefully we can finally pull the plug on Newt. While he’s a great speaker and historian, he’s also washed up and apparently carrying around a few bad ideas. The Republicans don’t have a snowballs chance if he sets an election strategy of rural vs urban or any other divisive paradigm. Even if its just one speech, its one too many. Next candidate please.

  10. Last Liberal Standing

    CF, the universe is temporarily off-kilter, for you and I agree on this one!

    • LLS – I’ve suggested this before, but I’m betting we’d agree 90% of the time. Intelligent people, and I’m being presumptuous by including myself in your company, are going to come, I believe, to similar conclusions. Where we differ, and that’s the killer, is in our faith in government: you think it’s here to help, I think it’s going to screw things up. But that’s okay; let’s be civil!