Oh, goody

Massive ice storm arrives tomorrow. First 5″-9″ of snow, then comes the ice, with blackouts. I couldn’t find a snowblower today, but it seems that I should have been shopping for a generator.


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15 responses to “Oh, goody

  1. Demmerkrat Patriot

    None at Stamford Motorsports? They had six when I first mentioned them.

    There’s the quick, and then there’s those who will be shoveling. Again.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Stop automating artisan work….hire a Cos Cobber to get the job done!

  3. ML

    I called Cannondale Generators because I had a minor issue with my Generator. They said that they wouldnt come out because I didnt pay them $1200 a year to essentially change my oil once a year. So I told the guy to go ..well you know. I called National Standby and the guy told me that he would try to go tomorrow. He looked up the weather and then said to me, “Well the weather doesnt look good for tomorrow. Ill run over right now and take care of it.” Thats service!!!

  4. I just checked with Ossining Lawnmowers and they’re out of Hondas, with the next shipment not due until August. They might have other brands still in stock, I didn’t ask.

    Sorry about that.

    • Richard, I spoke with a guy today who told me that they always order in August for the coming winter. Which makes perfect sense, except that buyers like me have to be battered by incessant snow storms before we give in and decide to buy one by which time, the inventory is gone. Maybe I’ll learn, and go get a bargain in August.

  5. Anonymous

    got both my snow blower and generator at Home Depot – Yard Master snow blower and Honda generator. Don’t know what I’d do without. Generator saved my ass last spring during our week-long power outage.

  6. Yimei Sun

    Could anyone please tell me where I can get a snow rake besides Home Depot, Sears and Walmart? Thanks.

  7. Cos Cobber

    Keough’s Turn of the River Hardware on High Ridge in Stamford has snow rakes.

  8. sound beacher

    snow rake, you see them being used up in VT all the time. We borrowed a friends last week to get all that heavy snow off the roof. There are two connecting poles which allow you to reach the 2nd floor. (well, we don’t have a mcmansion) a flat scoop to pull the snow off the edge of the roof. Once you clear the lip of the roof the gutters can go back to working and you don’t get ice damn build up. Or in this case damn ice/snow build up. With the sun this past weekend the gutters were flowing and draining as they should.

  9. Fred2

    A snow rake is a man who leaves the snow onthe ground after promising to shovel it. I think.

  10. armonk

    It is a roof rake. A long, telescoping handle with a rubber solid rake on the end to pull snow off the roof.

  11. Cos Cobber

    its a lightweight rake with a 15ft reach desgined to pull snow off the roof. raking the roof is a common task in snowier climates like upstate NY and northern NE. its beneficial to rake to alleviate excess snow weight and more importantly, to prevent ice damming. sometimes, when the snow sits there on a roof for weeks at a time the dailly freeze-thaw cycles begin to allow water/ice to creep backwards up the shingle and into the house. this is why metal roofs are common in vt. metal roofs arent bothered by long term snow deposits.

  12. IDAHO

    Probably too late for this year but a clever idea. Kind of spendy tho!