Sailing songs

A reader mentioned the great Gordon Lightfoot song about the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, but here’s my favorite sailing song, from Lyle Lovett:

(trying a different version – if this still doesn’t work, you’ll just have to Google it on YouTube)


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10 responses to “Sailing songs

  1. Anon E. Moose

    Thanks for the bump. I remember the Edmund Fitzgerald from 1L contacts class – Oglebay Norton Co. v. Armco, Inc., 52 Ohio St. 3d 232, 556 N.E.2d 515 (1990) [Discussion]. Oglebay operated the ship, though some years before the case was decided.

  2. George W. Crossman

    Pretty cool the way he sings and drinks coffee at the same time.

  3. Anonymous

    The ship was built for the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. (and named after its chairman), and was chartered to Oglebay Norton for its entire career. As Lightfoot’s lyric notes, it was at the time it was built the largest freighter on the Great Lakes. A good deal of information about the Fitzgerald can be found at S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald Online.

    Oglebay Norton itself is a venerable company, founded as an iron-ore partnership in 1851. One of its early employees was 16-year-old John D. Rockefeller, who made $3.50 a week as a bookkeeper before quitting in 1859 for greener pastures in the oil business. After filing for bankruptcy protection in 2003, the company exited the shipping business (though it still carries its own products in its own ships) and now remains a supplier of industrial aggregates.

  4. jimgilvin

    Just wanted to let you know that the link doesn’t work. They killed the embed.

  5. sound beacher

    Can’t believe Lyle L was once married to Julia Roberts! What an odd pairing. I did see him in an outdoor concert along the banks of the Mississippi under the Gateway Arch in St. Loius back in 2005. It was amazing. He’s great performer.

  6. ches

    amazing song – I knew it from FUV but such a treat to see it on YouTube, you made my day.

  7. A fellow REK fan

    You do know that Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen were in a band together–The Front Porch Boys–at Texas A&M in the 70s, right?

    Please get the link fixed, I cannot imagine Lyle Lovett singing about sailing.