Bum caught grabbing half a ham and cheese sandwich. No bread, no mustard, but he got the ham and cheese, briefly. What’s sad is that he spent the weekend in our jail, unable to post $250 bail, and is probably now in state custody. I do understand that we can’t have a society where thieves are free to snatch and grab, and I surely understand that the police were merely doing what we expect them to do, so no criticism implied or intended, but what a waste of resources. No answer here – social services? They were surely available if he’d asked, but still, two weeks in jail for a slice of ham?


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3 responses to “Sad

  1. just_looking

    In this weather, he should be hoping for two months, not two weeks.

  2. peeps

    They were probably trying to impress on the guy that just because he is poor, he doesn’t have the right to steal from others. I think the same lesson could have been enforced if they kept him at the police station in a holding cell for a few hours, and then delivered him to the Manna House Soup Kitchen’s next meal. That’s where homeless people in Norwalk are supposed to go.

    Many people are homeless and hungry, but you can’t have them feeling that it’s justification to do the five-finder discount.