Well this isn’t very nice

Whistler, Canada – outdoor “adventure” business shoots, slits throats of 100 sled dogs after business slows. kind of makes Michael Vick look like a sweetheart. I think I understand dogs, it’s people who baffle me.


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2 responses to “Well this isn’t very nice

  1. dogwalker

    Maybe one step above the laboratory in New Jersey that went bust, locked the doors, walking away, leaving all the animals inside.

    Happy ending for most of them, though. At least one employee had a conscience and notified authorities. Adopt-a-dog placed a bunch of beagles that were rescued.

  2. peeps

    What’s so special about this guy. What do you think life is like for all the illegal immigrants and impoverished citizens who work inside the insidious factory farms, so we can have cheap chicken and burgers. They see animals being mistreated at death all the time, for poverty level pay. The effects of repeatedly chopping up dead animals in conveyor-belt style or with timed productivity quotas are not handled, unless compensation for repetitive motion wrist injuries count. Imagine living with a man on the poverty level, who comes home daily after butchering animals he saw mistreated while in storage before being killed or herded in bad conditions to their death.

    This guy,who is ordered to kill dogs is any different? We are just used to what it takes to maintain our factory farms and cheap chicken joints and 99 cent burgers.

    It’s always odd to me when I see people who will support the Audubon and Humane Societies, but are too cheap to pay extra for cage-free eggs.