We’re due for a hell of a spring market

Because nothing is happening in this winter of our discontent. Have you seen that latest forecast? 3″ -5″ of snow tomorrow, then changing to freezing rain and then turning back to snow. Ugh. However, buyers really do want to find houses, so once this all ends and they can travel again, we’ll get moving, so to speak.


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3 responses to “We’re due for a hell of a spring market

  1. Posted a comment last night in the thread about braised lamb that seems to have gotten lost in the Ethernet. Anyway, just a quick note to say “see you later”, we’re off today for the great New Zealand/Tasmania adventure.
    Keep the home fires burning. Keep my place warm in the comment zone. Root for the Green Bay Packers. Sell a house or two. Follow our adventure on my blog (but don’t look for any bungy jumping pix!!)
    EOS and the Mr.

  2. Just the Facts!

    Whatever you’re smoking…I’d like a hit. WSJ today…http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704680604576110442537531026.html

    • I just posted your link, Just the – I hope I wasn’t whistling past the graveyard but rather, pointing out that there are buyers who would be out there if they could get out of their driveways. That’s not saying anything about prices, mind you, just demand.