We’re in for it

(10:00 p,m) The Canadian Geese are in the creek, which is almost always a sign of trouble ahead. It’s uncanny (uncanady?) but these guys usually hang out in the Sound, until bad weather looms. How do they know? Stars are still out, but ….


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16 responses to “We’re in for it

  1. Walt

    Dude Man –
    I have two questions about this.
    1) When did you start selling houses in Texas? Because I know this must be your listing.
    2) How do we know it isn’t a liquid soap dispenser?
    Your Pal,

  2. Cos Cobber

    Since you are betting big, then I’ll bet this storm fizzles. Nada.

    State tax revenues have finally reversed course: inflection point.

    btw, CT corporate tax income is down, did you and FF fail to file your qtrly income tax for all those luscious commissions?


  3. FlyAngler

    I stopped by the Starbuck$ in Cos Cob early Monday morning. Next door in the pond (Mill Pond) must have been two dozen geese sleeping with their heads tucked into their back feathers. They were all standing in the portion of the pond without ice covering the water. I felt sorry for them but they seemed comfortable enough. Would have made a great B&W photo if I had my DSLR with me. Forecast as of now is all over the place so I will go with your geese and take the over.

  4. Anonymous

    CF, as a realtor have you ever fantasized about about getting away from our horrible Connecticut winters and moving permanently to somewhere in the US with a more agreeable climate?

    If so, where and why. I am very interested in your thoughts on this as, needless to say, I am contemplating such a move myself. I’ve looked at “Best Places to Live in the US” type magazine articles, but I can’t decide.

    I love the quality of life and culture here, the proximity to NYC, the profusion of good restaurants, all of these great small towns bunched so closely together, the advantages of being on the NYS border (buy booze on Sundays, etc.).

    But I hate the winter weather here (and I grew up in the Buffalo area!) more every year. If I were to move, would I be throwing out the baby with the bathwater?

    What do you think?

  5. peeps

    To Anonymous: One way to get a better feel for an area is to read their local papers every day online while you’re still up here. You may be surprised about how similar their problems are to the ones we have here.

  6. fred

    martin county fl.

  7. FlyAngler

    Chris – I think my wife may be commenting as Anonymous at 11:46. Either that or she has a kindred spirit. So, N Carolina? Florida?

    • I was really tempted by Taos, Fly, but ended up back here. Silll, it’s got mountains and warmer weather, more of the time. Florida leaves me cold except, perhaps, Marathon Key, which I love.

  8. Hibiscus

    Palm Beach County, FL. An easy flight back up here if you start to miss this lovely weather. Southern Cal perhaps, but haven’t been there in awhile.
    Ever notice that once people move to these sunny spots they never move back to the cold? Fantasizing about it a lot myself lately.

  9. cybercommuter

    Martin County Florida and Alachua County Florida.

  10. chimney

    Not to be nit-picking, but it’s Canada Geese, not Canadian Geese. Whatever they are, you’re welcome to all of our’s- we can guarantee delivery of several hundred, all branded “Bruce Park”

  11. Cobra

    Lock and load the potato cannon!

  12. Hey

    Potato cannon? Screw that, get a real cannon loaded with grapeshot. Nice and easy way to reduce the geese population!

  13. towny

    to some people in the bronx, canada goose is a delicacy. maybe you’ll discover a side job chris.

  14. A teal green duck just sat in front of my office

    Well, this is foreboding. I got it on video though. Office is SLOW today.