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Arkansas earthquakes

They’re blaming it on natural gas fracking, but there’s a far scarier explanation than that: the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812. We discussed these quakes when I was studying geology back in college. At least in 1975, there was no good plate tectonics explanation for them but they were huge. Had anyone lived in the area back then, losses would have been enormous. Well people do live there now, from Tennessee and west and north. This series of three quakes made anything that’s hit California since look like child’s play.


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Better than real estate or Wall Street fraud

Scam a $1 million from a bingo game, do not  go to jail. Walt, if you aren’t too busy these days, I sense a profit opportunity here.

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If Malloy wants other people’s money to fund rebuilding the New York-Boston corridor, I know where he can find it

Danno is hoping to glom onto Florida’s share of railroad money now that that that state has rejected it. Why not kill the railroad to nowhere and redirect funds from the New Haven – Hartford line to where there is a demand? Why is this so difficult to understand?


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If you enjoy this kind of humor

 Then I highly recommend this review of Harlem’s Sylvia’s Chicken joint, written by a white liberal tourist.


 I had always known about Sylvia’s but heard mixed reviews. I must say that the food was scrumptious. I had fried chicken, barbeque ribs, macaroni & cheese, candied yams, and collard greens. HAVE MERCY. Loved the fact that I met Sylvia’s daughters and even grandsons. I definitely loved it. Loved the pictures lining the walls showing the history of the restaurant and all who have visited. A REAL Harlem Establishment. Must support family owned business…a dying breed. Especially ones that stay true to their cause.


And again, if you like this stuff then you must, absolutely must read Red Sky at Morning, set in New Mexico during WW II, depicting charming southern women joining in Negro spirituals, waving their arms in the air and shouting “hallelujah”.  Have mercy indeed.


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Nice guy

Soccer player kicks other team’s wounded owl mascot. Hang ’em high.


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Carbon footprints are for little people

Obummer and Michelle have been flying their Chicago personal trainer into Washington once a week for at least the past year. Doubtless he’s fed those locally – grown veggies from Michelle’s back yard, so I guess it’s alright, eh?

It’s not just the hypocrisy I find galling; it’s also that it never occurs to people like this that the rules they prescribe for the rest of us could possibly apply to them.


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Jimbo Himes to take on IBM’s Watson tonight

He’s asked for brain limbering exercises. I’d suggest he quit the Demmerkrat party this afternoon but I’m sure the damage has been done. Maybe he should go hide in Illinois.

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