Snow plowing, firewood, excavation, Bryan Krois

Byran Krois, ready to go

This guy can do it all. He’s a Riverside kid, a friend of my Kat, and I will vouch for his family and his own honesty. I only buy firewood from him, because I get a full measure, always seasoned. Now he’s added plowing service: you absolutely can’t go wrong. I think this is his current contact info:

Bryan Krois – Riverside (203) 496-1241


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4 responses to “Snow plowing, firewood, excavation, Bryan Krois

  1. GWChase

    Chris –
    Went to school with a Richard Krois – related?

  2. shelton1904

    can someone please tell me why greenwich NEVER puts down ANY SALT WHATSOEVER during snow/ice storms? i fell walking to the station this morning and had to continue my walk on the streets with cars flying by me (and splashing me with water) because walking on the sidewalk was too dangerous. i’m sick of it.

  3. horse jock

    In mid and back country, where I own a house in which I don’t live, the man is Tony Kalaj. His father Rocky before him.

  4. Anonymous

    No need to post this nor do I wish it, but you might want to have a word with young Bryan that as an aspiring businessman, his Facebook settings need to be a bit more private if he wishes to be located by word of mouth internet searchers. . 😉 Nothing wrong with being young and full of sap but thank God there wasn’t a Facebook when we were young, eh?

    *again* I’m not looking for this to be posted, just meant to be a friendly head’s up to a kid who’s not afraid to work hard and get his hands dirty. 🙂