Ruth Madoff comes to Greenwich

But doesn’t get far. She came to attend her son Mark’s memorial service but was denied admission. Guess the survivors are still pissed.


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15 responses to “Ruth Madoff comes to Greenwich

  1. Anonymous

    Never thought I’d say this but if the story is true, I feel more than a bit sad for Mrs. Madoff, the elder.

  2. Peg

    All I could think was, she is reaping what she has sown.

    Of course, on one level one must feel pity for a woman whose son has killed himself. Still…. had she and her goniff of a husband long ago judged that their Ponzi scheme really was too evil to put into place, then perhaps all the tragedy and agony and shame that she is now facing never would have come to be.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Let me think how to put this politely. HHHHMMMM…. VICTIMS MY ASS!!!
    After all this time, you still don’t see it? You are that frigging blind? COME ON MAN!!
    Bernie had no victims. EVERYBODY knew he was cheating. EVERYBODY!! You don’t think the Wilpon’s knew? We all thought he was frontrunning. Which is illegal. There was no way to legitimately make his returns. And everybody knew it. So we all figured he was scamming the little people – we were an elite group, and he would never scam us. So we knew it was illegal, and never asked any questions. We ALL knew it was a scam. We just figured he was scamming all of you – not us!! Get it yet?
    And I told you this before. So some dog shit blue collar guy did the right thing, and put his money in a Fidelity mutual fund. After he see’s his IRA go down 60%, shitting every night watching CNBC, he sells. At a huge loss. Who is making him whole? NO ONE!! Some of these Madoff investors, closing their eyes to scam the system, knowing they were “in” on an illicit deal, make out better than the Average Joe, because of recoveries and SIPC. How is that frigging fair?
    Riddle me that, Batman.
    Your Pal,

  4. The Duke of Deception

    Walt is a dipshit, but he’s a funny dipshit, and he’s absolutely right here.
    Ruth is, to use a really old and discredited word, a twat.

  5. Anon

    No matter what you think of Ruth’s complicity, the worst thing that can happen to a person is to bury their children. Way worse than any prison sentence. I feel badly for her and think her Daughter in Law did the wrong thing. Anyone who’s a parent knows, that in this situation, you would just want to crawl into that grave right after your child.

  6. Walt

    Duke –
    It is Mr. Dipshit to you.
    Your Pal,

  7. So Greenwich

    Anon – the Daughter in Law did what her husband would have wanted, he had no ties to his mother, there is no reason to do otherwise. That’s the way it goes – Ruth stuck by Bernie and lost her sons, there is no turning back when the family fractures. Walt – in terms of getting money back – it isn’t so much about making people whole in my mind, it is not letting those who scammed the system continue to do so. So the whole investor crowd gets a slice of reality, why should they be able to keep millions that are fraudulently obtained. And Fairfield G’wich is the worst of them.

  8. Anonymous

    Oh is that why Temple Shalom’s parking lot was so overcrowded yesterday morning, with two police cars and 4 police hanging out outside? I didn’t even make the connection until now.

    • No, I don’t think so – the memorial service would have been held back in December, shortly after the poor guy killed himself. The story of Ruth’s rejection broke yesterday, but the actual event is old news, in a sense.Withe the exception of Bernie himself, I find this entire saga very saddening.

  9. Georgie in Greenwich

    Why does Greenwich seems to be the landing-ground for all these rich wacko types….under age teen having sex with some NFL star, Brandt divorce/non-divorce, Babba Booy trashing Greenwich on Howard Stern, and so on…..why here?

  10. Greenwich Gal

    I have a blog crush on Walt…giggle…

  11. Hu Nhu?

    Everybody didn’t know, especially the smaller individual investors, accredited or not, who were invested in the early years. The bigger fish, with due diligence capabilities, did or should have known.

  12. Old School Grump

    Geez, this story, while tragic, sounds like something from Reality TV Files, Extra-Special-Trashy Division. Why was Ruth cast out from her son’s affections for going to see Bernie in the slammer? How is it that her sons and their spouses get to claim ANY moral high ground here? My guess is that the family can’t live (sadly, literally in Mark’s case) with the knowledge of their own complicity and willful blindness through the years, now that it has all fallen apart. So they need to manufacture ultimatums and indignations and grievances to maintain their images of themselves as victims.

  13. this wackjob is getting what she deserves, another greedy heeb bites the dust