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Some kids are so stupid that enforced eugenics is really the only solution

Teen-aged burglars loot house, kill the family goldfish because “they didn’t want to leave any witnesses”.


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Heh – here was a memory

WFUV (90.7 FM) just played “Goodlovin” by the Rascals, circa 1966. The band was known as “The Young Rascals” back then, and dressed in goofy costumes involving floppy bow ties and knickers. I used to occasionally help out at “The Sound”, a teen dance held weekly at what was then Eckman and is now the Eastern Civic Center (it was in far better shape back then). Anyway, we booked this unheard-of band for all of $650. They absolutely rocked and the next week, when Goodlovin was released, it shot up the charts. The boys ditched the “Young” part of their title, dumped the knicker look, and the day of hiring the band for less than a thousand bucks was gone forever. I was lucky to have been there.


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Would lack of cellphone service affect your decision to buy a house?

According to this article, most buyers don’t care. I guess if I were a buyer, it wouldn’t be a determinative factor either, but I’m not sure. We have pretty good service coverage here in Greenwich, but living in a dead spot would be a pain. And it’s a difficult thing for an agent to warn about because where, say, my AT&T might be dead, your Verizon might come in just fine. Probably worth checking your phone bars when at a house you’re looking at.


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Too bad

I see that one of the two building lots on “Silk Road” (Sachem, to you and me) in Cos Cob has sold, for $650,000. A developer bought the beautiful old house on this land some years ago and subdivided it. When the lots didn’t sell, I was hopeful that someone would reunite them with the house, but I guess not.


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Here’s a decent price reduction

19 Ivanhoe Lane, off of North Street, sold for $2.875 back in May, 2006. Today it’s been reduced to $2.595. It’s a 1900 former carriage house, renovated in 1999, well removed from the street and as I remember, a very nice home. Convenient location, too.


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A contract!

 14 Stillman Lane, new construction in Glenville, is under contract, presumably somewhere below its original asking price of $4.875 million and perhaps below its last ask of $4.495. I confess that the desirability of this entire development project escapes me but that’s just me – if the land was good enough for the Rockefellers to buy, who am I to question? After all, my family eschewed buying land in Manhattan in the 1640s, choosing instead to establish farms in Brooklyn and Staten Island. The Rockefellers weren’t that dumb.


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In Greenwich you are free to ignore the market

 99 Lower Cross Road listed at $6.8 million a year ago just sold, finally, for $3.3. In some towns, agents are accused of “buying” listings by placing totally absurd valuations on properties simply to convince the seller to list with them. Fortunately in Greenwich, that never happens.


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Short sale at One Turner Drive

Asked $2.395 million, sold for $1.230. The listing agent, Charles Magyr of Raveis, sold it to his own client. Isn’t that fortunate for him?

Some months ago, Mr. Magyr refused to deal with our client because his million dollar opening bid on this property would “destroy the value of Calhoun Drive ” and was, in fact, indicative of the sleazy, corrupt nature of EBT Realty and our clients.  I am delighted to see that he’s changed his mind, at least in so far as what an acceptable price is, so long as he’s on both sides. Did I mention that last year I was ordered by the Board to take a remedial course in ethics because of comments I posted on this blog? I benefitted from that session immensely and I look forward to taking another one soon.


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A surcharge for smoking? Hell, they should make smoking mandatory and give out free cartons

States are just discovering – duh – that promising full, 100%  health benefits to retirees is bankrupting them.  Work for North Carolina for five years? You’re good, buddy, for the rest of your life! In Omaha, public officials figure that one-third of the entire budget will soon be spent on post-retiree health costs.So far, attempts to salvage this seem to consist of wellness programs of one sort or another, including discouraging smoking and adding premiums to existing workers’ policies if they do smoke. That’s dumb, because smokers die, on average, twenty years sooner than non-smokers. The best way to get these folks off the rolls is to encourage them to die. “Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em”.


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The disconnect

Writing about the hated Nancy Pelosi brought to mind two dear friends of mine who are ardent commie symps. I’d attribute their failure to think to their dotage but I’m certain that they “felt” – not thought – the same way back in the 40′s. Not so long ago, they (illegally) travelled to Cuba, where they stayed in a nice hotel reserved only for members of free countries and traveled the island, having a wonderful time. They returned to their $4 million waterfront Riverside home and, as their yacht bobbed peacefully at its mooring just a hundred yards offshore, regaled me with tales of the happy Cubans they had inter-mixed with. A factory manager had been assigned to guide them (guess the factory didn’t need him) and yes, while he was paid just$25 a month, he had free housing and medical care and was just one happy nigga. Why couldn’t America be more like Cuba, they wondered?

These two friends of mine are not unique – I know plenty more just like them. And the only reason I can come up with for their intense, deliberate blindness is that, like Pelosi, they never expect or intend for the rules that will govern the little people to ever apply to them. Pelosi sets up “carbon neutral” guidelines for the poor Congressional aides toiling below her while she jets off on USAF planes wherever and whenever she wants. My friend, when he had heart trouble, did not travel to Havana to take advantage of that country’s free medical care but instead was treated by (and for free) a friend who has appeared on the cover of the New York Times Magazine, proclaimed as the best heart surgeon in the United States.

And I’m glad he was – he is my friend, and I’m very fond of him, but I wonder how that $25-a-month factory manager would have fared under similar circumstances?


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