Madoff: Walt knew damn well what I was up to!

Well no, he didn’t exactly say that but in his first interview since the great bust, given to the NYT, he speaks of the complicity of his hedge fund investors and their “willful blindness”. “They had to know.”


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10 responses to “Madoff: Walt knew damn well what I was up to!

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    I was just about to e-mail this link to you. This is what I have been telling you all along. You just don’t listen, you dolt. EVERYBODY knew. Why don’t you seem to get that? And that is why he has no victims. Duh.
    Your Pal,

  2. So Greenwich

    Maybe they’ll be a few more houses on the market on Round Hill Road soon . . . .

    • Well, we’ve got Walt’s house, which should fall, his neighbor across the street, Burke, who’s already been convicted of violating the Corrupt Foreign Practices Act, we have our Mafia guy up at 516 Round Hill already in Otisville, and then we have Raj, who is surely going down next month. Rogues Hill Indeed.

  3. ilsa

    Bernie Madoff, is Wall St. Wall St, is Bernie Madoff. Get it?

    Bernie was vice chairman of NASD and his son and niece had regulatory oversight positions an FINRA. Bernie was the freakin top ‘civillian’ sherriff for the SEC.

    Look, if you dont “know” that from the begining, Bernie and his crew were front running the nasdaq electronic ticker tape, then you are retarded. I wouldnt be surprised if Bernie got his start by ’employing’ people in the Western Union mailroom at 26 Broadway.

    Speaking of mafia. I think everybody in the know knew Bernie had a hook. They were probably jealous. Cause they couldnt get it for them selves. But there is a mafia code on the street. The family that steals together….sticks together. They wont be happy till theyve sucked everydrop of blood (money) out of everybody.

  4. Hu Nhu?

    Everybody didn’t know. And there were a lot of victims, whose advisors had no business putting them in Bernie’s funds. There are a lot of lazy “bankers” whose forensic interest is zero as long as the returns are fat and flowing.

    A lot of people who should have known didn’t, due to their own negligence.
    And not a few bankers, despite their command of all the buzzwords, never understood the very trading strategies they touted. There was a lot of fraud, but there was also a lot of stupidity.
    In evaluating Bernie’s new tune, consider the source.

  5. pulled up in OG

    Matt Taibbi dishes up another beaut!

    Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail?

  6. heather

    The exciting news here is that the party goes on for Walt and the fillies. Years after the “trouble” broke and they are still living the life – the cars, the houses, the restaurants, the vacations houses…everything. Okay, there are those legal suits……just small, dark clouds over the horizon. And…that top-notch legal team will keep those clouds on the other side of the moon….probably forever. There might be a small fine….chump change…..however, that hidden money in the islands, the “big” money, insures a wonderful life for the entire “family.” In the meantime….was that a couple of the “girls” shopping at the Hermes store on East 59th street last week? Hmmm…the new Birkins must be in…….

  7. Jealous Jane

    How can I rip off the system like the Noel’s? and get away with it?

  8. wish i (and the entire world) were noel-free in greenwich

    If this family had any modicum of self-insight WHATSOEVER, they would already be in the psychiatrist’s waiting room. One of the more pathetic elements of their whole ‘story’ is the incredible plainness of those girls. (Plainness, suffice to say, bordering on the wildly and variously unattractive)

  9. Phillie Sighting

    Saw one on the street the other day — looks like she needed a good scrub!

    FYI: their long lost uncle was a famous TV personality in the 60’s: