Tesei achives life-time ambition, denies Fudrucker new term on the P&Z

Peter Tesei

  We’ve known this was coming. The pale, weak-chinned First Selectman has been obsessed with his former political opponent at least since they ran against each other for First Selectman and probably all the way back to First Grade, when little Frankie pointed out to fellow classmates that Petie had wee wee running out his sorts.

Literally – Tesei has been consumed about Fudrucker these past years, saying preposterous things and making outrageous untrue allegations. Guess his selectman duties don’t take up all that much time. One good thing that will come out of all this is that I am now free to fire at will at the smarmy bastard, and boy do I look forward to that. This will be my last civil posting on the man.


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11 responses to “Tesei achives life-time ambition, denies Fudrucker new term on the P&Z

  1. Riverside

    Let’s get real. Of course Tesei can’t stand Farricker – he hasn’t forgotten the dirty tactics that Farricker/ Lavery pulled on him in past elections. That doesn’t make him a snake, just human.

    Farricker should not be surprised that he is not being re-nominated. Tesei (rightly) hates him and in politics they don’t generally appoint people they hate.

    By the way, this is not “pale” or “weak”, in fact quite the opposite. The reality is Tesei won and he doesn’t want to appoint someone he hates to an important town position.

  2. Riverside

    And it sounds like it will be fun to watch!

  3. pulled up in OG

    Did you see the Gr Citizen freebie today? Your favorite smarmy bastard’s plastered all over Cos Cob’s biggest rock outcrop.

  4. Phrogg

    Fudrucker was one of the best commissioner’s I have seen in 30 years on the P&Z Commission.Always prepared, always knowledgible, a relentless questioner and a pragmatic problem solver, but a vindictive politican. Frank, live by the sword die by the sword.

  5. Greenwich Gal

    Tesei is a good guy and I support him. I’ve sent him money and will continue to offer him support. I guess that mean you and I are at war, CF. That is most unfortunate. Lavery, and by association Farrikers dirty tactics are completely below the belt. They have made enemies and powerful ones at that.

  6. Ed Krumeich

    Say what you will, but I do not remember any incumbent on a town board or commission ever being denied reappointment because of partisan politics. The appointments committee recommended Frank’s re-appointment but Peter Tesei and David Theis overrode their recommendation. I do not know whether it was personal or partisan. Either way, it seems petty and reflects poorly on Peter and Dave.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more Ed, except I suggest it was both personal animosity AND partisan politics. A terrible combination and unheard of, until the arrival of these two dreadful Republicans. They really betrayed the town and their office on this one.