Sale on Cognewaugh

424 Cognewaugh

I liked this house, which just sold for $1.212, from an asking price of $1.395. Assessment was $1.5 and it started off its listing life a couple of years ago at $1.895. I wouldn’t have liked it nearly so much at that first price.


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9 responses to “Sale on Cognewaugh

  1. anony

    has about as much aesthetic appeal as a national park service rest station.

  2. fred

    not much for 1.3. lol, only in greenwich.

  3. gwchase

    “not a drive-by”, but looks neat inside.

  4. anony

    the designer did a nice job hiding the wheels.

  5. Cobra

    Nice one, anony!

  6. Anonymous

    Perfectly discribed Anon at 7:13PM!!

  7. Hu Nhu?

    Kudos anony

  8. Old Coot

    Anony is teh funny. I’ve added him/her to my list of commenters (Walt is at the top of that list) that I can’t read if I’m holding a cup of coffee or trying to swallow something; I really hate mopping up my keyboard.