Riverside smack down

Riverside’s Scott Frantz being urged to run for Senate. I’ve said here before I’ve only met the man a couple of times but I’ve observed from afar his charitable acts, his credible job of running Bradley Airport and noted his fiscal conservatism. I think he’d be a most excellent candidate and senator, and I hope he runs. Surely an improvement over bringing our lady wrestler back for Round Two.

Besides all that, those people who do know Frantz, and we have many mutual friends, all say he’s one of the nicest guys on earth. Scott’s suffered some dreadful personal losses over the years and I believe that raises one’s compassion to a different level. We probably need him more in Hartford than in Washington, but if he’s destined for a larger stage, which I think he is, then that’s what he should do.


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11 responses to “Riverside smack down

  1. Anonymous

    Cute, too.

  2. Ajnock

    Rob Simmons would have the best chance IMO

    • Ajnock – my best friend lives in Simmons territory and in fact considered running against him a couple of elections ago. My friend and I are polar opposites: he’s a Demmerkrat and and a Yankeee fan, just to cite two profound differences- but he’s one of the smartest people I know, and he produced a pretty good argument against Simmons. Which is not to say he convinced me, because what I know of the man seems okay with me, but there are some points of Mr. Simmons’ positions that I find off-putting.
      But hell, I’d be delighted if the Republicans ended up with a choice between Simmons and Frantz – we’d have a real, strong candidate either way. A MacMahon – Foley rematch will just ensure another Democrat in the Senate.

  3. just_looking

    “a most excellent candidate” = Bill & Ted? (excellent adventure)

  4. Just the Facts!

    Frantz will not run and has stated as much over the past few years.

    As for Foley, he is politically irrelevant. Foley missed a huge opportunity last election to blow the cover off the corrupt Democratic political machine in Hartford/Bridgeport/and D.C. and balked. Obama and Clinton showed up there three times before the campaign and credible evidence was found of voter tampering by the local unions and Secretary of State.

    Simmons has proven he can not win and he abandoned his troops in the last election which supporters will never forgive him.

    So crazy as this sounds….Linda is the Reps best candidate. God help this state.

  5. No Bed of Roses

    It’s too bad that politics is such a dirty business, and the higher one rises, the dirtier it gets.

    Honorable public servants like Frantz maintain their integrity by tending smaller gardens — where it’s easier to curtail invasive weeds and an overabundance of manure. Once into the fray of higher office, it must be impossible to keep the s**t at bay, keep the favor-bank happy, and serve one’s constituents fairly.

    Sadly, it’s the reason people like Linda McMahon go for broke.

  6. dollarbill

    Chris: Still waiting to see your source that number of state employees quadrupled since 1980. I’m sure that is bogus,but if you can prove otherwise, I’m all ears…

  7. JRH

    Hey dollarbill, don’t get your hopes up. Here’s another fact that will get overlooked on this site: Texas has more full-time state and local employees per capita than Connecticut does. From the 2009 Annual Survey of Public Employment and Payroll conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau:

    Texas has 1,323,346 full-time state and local government employees out of a 2009 Census population of 24,782,302. That’s a little over 5.3% of the state population. In Connecticut, we had 172,739 full-time state and local government employees out of a 2009 Census population of 3,518,288. That makes for 4.9%. If you add in the number of “full-time equivalent” state nad local employees the numbers are closer, but Texas still edges out Connecticut with 5.8% to 5.6%.

    But, of course, Texas is a low-tax, low-service conservative success story!

  8. Gone Away Native

    “Dreadful personal losses” is right. He’s been through some tragedies that would have broken others or caused them to withdraw from the community and life in general. But instead of falling back on his wealth, he has been a zealot about giving away his time, money, and considerable skills. He and his family represent the best of what Greenwich and this country are all about. Present and future constituents are lucky to have him in office.

  9. ed krumeich

    A nice guy, fresh face and a wealthy self-funded candidate would seem an irresistible draw to the GOP faithful. Scott doesn’t have any of the negatives of Mrs. McMahon. I am dubious he would win a general election in a Presidential year but the same holds true for the usual suspect Republican candidates.

    • That’s a nice, honest comment, Ed, and I think it would be great if we had a contest between two good candidates. Frantz would be one; I know that the Democrats can field one too. Too often, both parties draft dogs. Here’s hoping that we get a great choice so that voters can’t lose.