Look, get a big dog

Five-pound Pomeranian serves as an appetizer for two coyotes. What use is a bitsy guinea pig? Our wonderful Lab, Casey the Wonder Dog , weighed in at over 100 pounds, kept burglars away, protected our children  and would have eaten these predators for lunch.


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14 responses to “Look, get a big dog

  1. Peeps

    People should just get the kind of dog they want. Bigger dogs die younger, just because they are bigger. Best to just start on petfinder.com or visit shelters and hope to fall in love with someone without a home.
    If people do get a small dog, just don’t count on your invisible fence to keep them safe, as they do nothing to protect them from predators.
    Unfortunately, I watched my cat get killed by a loose dog -right on my front lawn. It’s not fun.

    • Oh Peeps, I wasn’t really making light of the poor woman’s loss. I personally love large dogs, but I understand other’s taste for yappers. And I have cats. Pets are pets, and we love them – they may die of old age or be eaten alive, it’s a sorrow either way.

  2. chinatown

    We built a 8 foot high chain link fence for our dogs. Let the coyotes eat the sick deer and rodents. Who in their right mind would let out a Pomeranian in the Fairfield/reservoir area north of the Merrit at midnight no less?

  3. Peeps

    Some time has gone by since you lost your wonder dog As a coincidence, the will be an adoption event on March 5th at the River Club on River Road in Cos Cob. It is sponsored by the SPCA of Westchester and will include many young purebred dogs rescued from a puppy mill. They’ve got some labs, too. You can find out about the event if you go to petfinder.com and type in 06878 for the zip. You can go to their website to fill in the form before you get there. The fee is $320 to adopt a young dog, but that includes their age-appropriate vaccines, a vet checkup within 7 days of adoption, a microchip and a neutering certificate. The fee is less for an older dog.
    It’s also just fun to play with the petfinder website and imagine different animals in your house. Sometimes a nondescript breed might tug at your heart and surprise you.

  4. Peeps

    If you’re not ready for a new pet, but want to have fun while supporting pet adoption causes, here’s a head’s up on a fundraiser that will be held at the Coveleigh Club in Rye, NY on March 25 at 7pm. It’s $75 and includes Hor d’oeuvres, wine, dinner, silent auctions, and raffles. It’s “dressy casual”. For more info, go to catassistanceny.org or email catassistance@gmail.com
    The fundraiser is a joint effort by Cat Assistance and the Pet Adoption League.
    You can also help by donating items or services for the silent auction, or buy advertising in the program.
    By the way, I am not affiliated with any of these pet welfare groups, but am always hoping they do well.

  5. True, if we did have a burglar, our guinea pig, Abby, could not fend them off. But she redeems herself in other ways. She is warm and cuddly and does tricks — up, circle, paw — that always make her humans laugh out loud. She got her training from my daughter, a Piggy Whisperer.

  6. Old Coot

    Our Lab is a big wuss; routinely gets whupped by our cross-eyed Siamese cat.

  7. anon

    I’m thinking of getting a pet coyote instead of a dog.

  8. Fred2

    I’m fine with small dogs, you just have to know that anything whose breed class includes the word “miniature” is basically a slow & stupid appetizer to any predator larger than they are.

    At least the standard sizes, 25lbs + animals have a hope of presenting a “are you feeling lucky tonight” vibe to the smaller predators, most of whom are not looking for a fight. ( and injured predator is a dead predator, if even if they take down Fifi the poodle, they they take any damage greater than a nip, they are in big trouble.)

    Where the coyotes run in packs here in the east, even larger dogs are at risk if the pack decides t0 wear it down, but even then a 50lb+ dog is nothing Coyotes, even in packs, really mess with.

    You want a Coyote free yard, get a couple of Lab/Ridgebacks or similar medium dogs.

    All to say leave the small dogs where they aren’t carrying a lit neon sign saying “eat me”.

  9. Old School Grump

    Too many people get big dogs because they like the idea of a big dog, but they fail to provide the dog with the exercise and stimulation the breed calls for. Dogs who were meant to run miles at a clip instead spend their years in the back yard, with an occasional short leash walk. Better to get a dog that’s little and yappy than one you’re not prepared to treat right.

  10. Cobra

    Big dog, sure. Love ’em. Better yet, buy an AR or Mini 14, some sub-sonic rounds, and a suppressor. Let your pet out for a bit of exercise, sit on the deck, and wait for the mangy coyotes to approach. More fun than a few minutes of intense Whack-A-Mole.

  11. ed krumeich

    My black lab, Sirius Black, is a great watch dog, but not a good guard dog. When someone comes to the door he has a deep bark that sounds threatening. When people enter our house, however, he invariably presents them with a stuffed animal, with his tail wagging.