Cos Cob comes to Old Greenwich?

All winter there’s been a big, bright yellow earth excavator machine parked in the back yard of a house across the creek. At first, I thought its owner was waiting for the dirt to thaw before performing whatever job needed to be done and then moving on, but as the months have dragged on, I’ve begun to wonder.

It’s been a long time for that expensive machine to sit idle, and perhaps a denizen from across the Mianus hit the Lotto, bought a house among his betters and is now busy decorating it so that he’ll feel at home. If a couple of broken-down boat trailers and an RV join the backhoe, I guess we’ll know. Regardless, welcome to the neighborhood!


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26 responses to “Cos Cob comes to Old Greenwich?

  1. George W. Crossman

    Don’t you remember Mr D’Arinzo right around the corner from where you are now? He had a backhoe in his backyard for years. Right in the heart of Riverside. Great guy and still active.

  2. Curious

    Must it always be a negative association with Cos Cob! Glad you’re feeling better🙂

  3. John Caapizzi

    Yeah, what is it about you and Cos Cob? I don’t live there but I still wonder why you are so negative about it.

  4. not so anonymouse

    I think CF treats Cos Cob as if it were a beloved younger brother, forever the butt of fond put downs…it’s a guy thing.

  5. Coscobber and proud of it

    As a resident of Cos Cob, I take umbrage at your constant barrage of gratuitous, disparaging comments on this blog of our wonderful hamlet.

    In case you don’t know, Cos Cob is the home of Connecticut’s first art colony. Cos Cob is distinguished by the stature of its impressionist artists, such as Childe Hassam, John H. Twachtman, Theodore Robinson and Julian Alden Weir. We have the Bush-Holley house, the Historical Society, the Garden Education Center, the Montgomery Pinetum, the Mianus River Park, and the Greenwich Water Club to name a few.

    The Cos Cob Library is a cultural center and community hub providing art gallery space, concert and lecture series. Cos Cob has a great elementary school and its own train and fire stations. The Cos Cob train station and the Mianus River Railroad Bridge are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

    Ernest Thompson Seton lived in Cos Cob on an estate which is now a town park. Over 75 years ago what would eventually become the Boy Scouts of America was in part founded by him here. Cos Cob is a family-oriented, kid friendly town and a wholesome place to raise a family.

    What does Riverside have besides the snooty Riverside Yacht Club that most Riversiders can not afford to join?

  6. Anonymous

    any recommendations for a reasonable and good roofer?

  7. I like Cos Cob too. My best friend growing up lived on Cogenwaugh. It had a wonderful neighborhood feel, like OG where I lived. I think the people are a little more down to earth and less status conscious than in some other Greenwich neighborhoods.

  8. boring oscars

    what a sleep tonic…celebrating mediocrity..and doing so badly..goodnight.

  9. Cos Cobber

    Welcome back CF. If Cos Cob jokes are back, then you’re well on the road to recovery.

    To Cos Cobber and Pround of it; dont forget Riverside does have a McDonalds and it has CF. As for a walkable village complete with many daily services…nope.

  10. Phildo

    Some folks, such as myself, have a “thing” for heavy machinery. A good friend of mine in upstate CT, with a lot of acreage, has a large backhoe that he uses to push dirt around for no apparent purpose. Apparently it’s very relaxing.

  11. Patrick

    Coscobber and proud of it

    I agree with all of your statements other than the one about most riversiders not being able to afford the Riverside Yacht Club. Show me a decent house south of 95 in riverside for less than $2m. I think most Riverside residents can afford the Riverside Yacht Club….otherwise I agree, Cos Cob is great little hamlet……

  12. Peeps

    CosCobber – Your little section of town has it’s own hoitey-toity factor going for it, too. I had tea and a bowl of soup in The Drawing Room yesterday and the bill was over $12.00
    The people were nice, though, and I did like the art. If I want a sandwich next time, I know to stop off at the ATM first.

  13. Libertarian Advocate

    … and perhaps a denizen from across the Mianus hit the Lotto, bought a house among his betters and is now busy decorating it so that he’ll feel at home.

    Whoa!!!!! I’m hoping its the meds Chris, ’cause that made you sound an awful lot like one of those elitist demoncrats you’ve quite properly beaten up here in the past.

  14. coscobber and proud of it

    “Regular readers know that I do more to bring down the quality of Riverside than any other person in town.” CF wrote.

    Is it wise for someone in the real estate business to “bring down” sections of the town he/ she works in?

    CF, how many deals have you done in your RE career? It might be time to rework your strategy.

  15. coscobber and proud of it

    To Patrick @ 10:16pm:

    I’m speaking of the old-timers in Riverside, e.g. CF.

  16. coscobber and proud of it

    To Peeps @ 10:47pm –

    The Drawing Room is a great place – worth the extra $$$ – delicious food, nice ambiance and friendly service. Have you tried their assorted finger sandwiches? Absolutely devine!

  17. The Duke of Deception

    Some people (and they obviously won’t know who they are) need to seriously get a clue. Whoooooosh!

  18. IDAHO

    Nothing wrong with a little machinery in the yard. Making big piles of snow with my companion John Deere is great winter fun. With Mother Nature blessing(?) us with another8-10″ right now I’ll get some “Tractor Solitude”
    tonight or tomorrow. Can’t leave the tractor in the yard tho as all John Deeres start with the same key and times are tough!

  19. El Guap0

    My goodness one would think COs Cob was birthed from the womb of Milan.

    Cultural epicenter? I mean, Ok, sure. I will say it has one of the most robust’s on Earth.

  20. Cos Cobber

    El Guapo, Cos Cob is a cultural epicenter – cased closed per the Greenwich Citizen:

  21. Cal

    Actually, heavy equipment operators have always ranked high in job satisfaction. My father ran cranes, earthmovers, and draglines for years, and I never heard him complain once.

  22. Peeps

    For the record – I didn’t mean to criticize the Drawing Room…more the fact that I can’t afford it. It is a really lovely place with a nice atmosphere, interesting art and friendly workers.