Arkansas earthquakes

They’re blaming it on natural gas fracking, but there’s a far scarier explanation than that: the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812. We discussed these quakes when I was studying geology back in college. At least in 1975, there was no good plate tectonics explanation for them but they were huge. Had anyone lived in the area back then, losses would have been enormous. Well people do live there now, from Tennessee and west and north. This series of three quakes made anything that’s hit California since look like child’s play.


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4 responses to “Arkansas earthquakes

  1. atticus

    Reports in from AlGore’s new CA mansion are that earthquakes are more evidence of Anthropogenic Global Warming and the lack of strong unions.

  2. dogwalker

    Huge is an understatement. The Mississippi flowed north for 3 days after one of them!

    About 20 or so years ago some “expert” was predicting the exact date there would be another earthquake in the upper delta. Half of Memphis didn’t go to work that day.

  3. Hey, I live there

    Whoa, slow down! “They” aren’t blaming fracking; they want to see if one of the fracking wastewater disposal practices (the injection wells) increases the likelihood of earthquakes in places already predisposed to earthquakes.

    It’s a commonsense response to a possible unexpected side effect of a new technology, not a tree hugger/lefty conspiracy.

    Given your love of hunting and fishing, I’d expect you to appreciate the “charms” of our state — especially the swamps of the eastern part — more
    than most people, and support efforts to protect them.

    Anyway, no reason to fear that the anti-frakers will get any traction here. This state is so thoroughly in the pocket of oil and gas producers that it didn’t even have a severance tax until about five years ago.

    Go Hogs.