Carbon footprints are for little people

Obummer and Michelle have been flying their Chicago personal trainer into Washington once a week for at least the past year. Doubtless he’s fed those locally – grown veggies from Michelle’s back yard, so I guess it’s alright, eh?

It’s not just the hypocrisy I find galling; it’s also that it never occurs to people like this that the rules they prescribe for the rest of us could possibly apply to them.


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14 responses to “Carbon footprints are for little people

  1. Never has the White House been home to a more arrogant couple than these two. Michelle, especially, who has zero appreciation for the role of First Lady and who is laughable standing in “her” veggie garden. I’ll bet my last dollar she’d never held a rake or planted a seed or gotten her fingernails dirty weeding until her image makers told her she needed to have a platform. Ludicrous. And don’t get me started on her toned arms and how it is her obsession to the point that she only ever wears sleeveless dresses – even at funerals. I’ve often thought that The Obama’s figure they are only going to be in-house one term so they are taking us taxpayers for every nickel while they can. I can’t wait til they have to go back to a Chicago run by their pal Rahm. Won’t that be a hoot.
    We got asked a million times while in NZ and AUS what we thought of Obama – let me just say we didn’t help his image down under. To a one, our NZ/AUS hosts thought he was a buffoon, albeit a smiling, well-spoken one, but an idiot nonetheless.

  2. bc

    all they appear to be doing i giving him a round trip ticket commercial once a week. What’s the big deal; it’s their personal money.

    • Because, BC, the global warmists want to eliminate vacation travel so as to save carbon. Flying your personal trainer out from Chicago every week when there are 1000 similar types already in D.C. signals that the Obamas don’t really take all the crap they’re spewing seriously. Do you really not see this?

  3. Lls2


    With all the stuff going on in the , this somehow makes news

  4. bc

    the plane is going to go anyway

  5. Anonymous

    Solidifying Obama’s rockstar status, he flies his personal trainer around the country….like Madonna or Gwyneth. Agree that it’s minor but just seems so self-indulgent and out of touch. Makes it tough to stomach his lofty speeches about “shared sacrifice” and the working class union members he claims to identify with.

  6. Inagua


    The Obamas might be arrogant, but they will not be the most arrogant presidential couple until they are caught stealing more furniture on the way out then the Clintons did. Also, there has yet to be a cigar incident ala Monica.

    I followed your trip down under, but didn’t see if you visited the glacier in NZ. I particularly enjoyed your description of the War Memorial. Had you ever seen “crisp casual” before? I hadn’t and thought is was perfect.

  7. pulled up in OG

    He quit smokin’, Inagua, but there’s all sorts of goodies out in that garden, eh? That’ll teach the bitch.

  8. IDAHO

    “It’s not just the hypocrisy I find galling; it’s also that it never occurs to people like this that the rules they prescribe for the rest of us could possibly apply to them.”

    You are talking about the whole congress–Right?

  9. Last Liberal Standing

    What happened to the kinder, gentler CF? Remember the Bill O’Reilly/Barack Obama interview? Remember Give-the-guy-a-chance-he’s-our-president? How long did that resolution last, Chris–two days? Now it’s back to Obummer-this, Obummer-that, and every effin thing the guy does is suspect? Which of course encourages the rampant “Obama is ludicrous” fervor of “Never has the White House been home to a more arrogant couple”; “a buffoon, albeit a smiling, well-spoken one, but an idiot nonetheless”; and “so self-indulgent and out of touch.”

    As for Michelle being no Jackie O: That’s terrific!

  10. Inagua: I think Bill Clinton came late to respecting the role of President, likely after Hillary slapped him upside his head enough times for something to sink in. With all their faults and peccadilloes (not cigarillos), I don’t think they were ever arrogant to the level the Obama’s rise to.
    Re NZ: we opted out of flying into a glacier; not to sound spoiled, but we’ve done that a couple of times elsewhere in the world and were more interested in the spectacular Sounds – both Milford and Marlborough. Glad you came along for the ride.

    LLS: It’s really hard for me to understand how you can POSSIBLY be a fan of Obama. Give me five positives. Heck, I’ll make it easy. Give me three. The man sets himself up for being mocked, completely incapable of leading the free world. The world hated Bush because of his foreign policy and the war. But worse, the world LAUGHS at Obama because he’s clueless and his idea of foreign policy means shooting hoops with a basketball team from Russia.

  11. Inagua


    Upon reflection, I think you are right. The Obamas are more arrogant. The Clintons were liars, but they exhibited a lesser sense of entitlement in their public behavior.


    I forgot to thank you for the hilarious fashion link.


    Jackie O always conducted herself with exceptional grace and dignity in public.

  12. InfoDiva

    Jackie Kennedy displayed more bare arms–in the 1960s, no less–than Michelle Obama ever has. No one commented then.

    Oh, I forget…hers were white, well-bred, debutante arms. Makes a world of difference, apparently.