Here’s a ray of hope

Al Qaeda has played no part in the current revolutions.

For nearly two decades, the leaders of Al Qaeda have denounced the Arab world’s dictators as heretics and puppets of the West and called for their downfall. Now, people in country after country have risen to topple their leaders — and Al Qaeda has played absolutely no role.

There’s still time for Al Qaeda to worm its way back into the chaos, but some folks are cautiously optimistic that the murderous thugs are increasingly irrelevant. Hope so.


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4 responses to “Here’s a ray of hope

  1. Chris

    I am not sure about that. Our great ally, the libyan leader, Cutafi accused them of causing instability in his democratic country.

  2. Nathan Hale

    Yes, and the greatest trick of the Devil is convincing us that he doesn’t exist.

    At least, that’s according to prophecy.

    Thanks for that tip, Walt! You exist, right?

  3. Fred2

    You know the French revolution styarted off run by a bunch of well meaning reform minded nice people, later came La Terreur with it’s guillotinage, and then Napoleon to restore order…. and cause 15+ years of bloody warfare.

    These revolutions aren’t even starting off by people inthe same neighbourhood as “nice reform minded” … what makes you think something better will come up?

  4. Chris

    Thugs are nothing but trash bullies & cowards. We should never be scared of any thugs, whether they are muslims, jews, or christians.