When Irish eyes aren’t smiling

Irish real estate developer shut down in Belle Haven. This was a pretty standard trick in town for years, exceeding your renovation specs. I’d like to think the town has finally gotten wise to it but more likely, it’s just a lesson not to mess with rich Belle Haven neighbors.


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  1. Kevin the former Catholic

    This Baron of Ballridge fella is quite the character in Eire. He lives like a King spending like there is no tomorrow in the real estate bubble and when all goes south, he passes all his debts onto the Irish people via a Natioanl Repository that the Irish taxpayer has to eat. Then he flies the coop. He’s done this before and knows all the tricks.

    Quite the character….

  2. Peeps

    Situations like this baffle me because the only explanation is that the prospective residents don’t value having a good relationship with neighbors at all. I can’t understand it. It usually plays out on a smaller level, but here is the typical, more mundane scenario: A house in the neighborhood sells and the lovely new family move in. The name is barely on the mailbox and before you know it, they’re building an additional bedroom as close to the border of a neighbor’s property as they can get. It always makes me wonder shy they didn’t keep looking until they found a house with the number of bedrooms that they wanted. I can understand it if people live in the house for a while and the family grows and eventually might need an addition, but I don’t understand the people who move in and have to make all the additions before they’ve even said hello to a neighbor.

  3. Corkman displaced in Greenwich

    Kevin – First its Ballsbridge – D4 and you’ve gotta give the Baron his due – he was courted by the liked of Anglo Irish Bank and others and money was thrown at him to pursue his dreams. A nightmare ensued. Same here, Move on.

    Peeps – some people buy houses because they like those houses and move in happily. In Greenwich manys the time others see the potential of a property and plan to demolish/develop – what’s new with that?

    BTW – let’s not be so judgmental – we’re better than that…

    My amazement is that the good Baron was not given better real estate advice by his agent – buying on that noisy stretch of road was never a good idea – I remember having a client ( yes I’m a realtor) attempt to buy a house a few doors away a few years ago (against my better judgment!) and when we were there on a Saturday afternoon (wind was coming from the ’95 that day) in the middle of the house inspection he and I looked at each other on the back porch and couldn’t hear each other with the noise from the ’95 – he stood up and called off the inspection and we ended up buying elsewhere.

    Personally I would cut my losses – get away from that busybody across the street and move on.

  4. pulled up in OG

    Immigration status? Refugee?
    Or maybe H-1B cause we’re short on Irish wankin’ gits.

  5. Duff

    Corkman – “In Greenwich manys the time others see the potential of a property and plan to demolish/develop – what’s new with that?”

    Nothing whatsoever. But, most folk attempt to do it within the town regulations. This git thought he was beyond having to be held accountable for his actions.

    Good for the neighbors and our town officials for standing up to this self-righteous bully.

  6. Corkman displaced in Greenwich

    I don’t know the guy personally to be able to call him a “git” like both of you guys did. I strongly suspect he got some really bad advice. I’d like to know who the his builder is and whether he’s local…

  7. a citizen left in Ireland to pick up the pieces from the likes of the Dunnes

    Mr. Dunne was part of the “Galway Tent Group” (another word for “one of the boys”) and did what he wanted to do and he got away with it.Regulations were not enforced. Now, in Greenwich I hope he cannot get away with doing what he wants to do. Take it from one who lives in Ireland and as a tax payer we will be paying for the rest of our lives for the mess that Sean Dunne and others like him have left us with. Not nice. Have you been reading about David Drumm in Boston? Another one of Mr. Dunne’s cronies.

  8. Corkman displaced in Greenwich

    I presume by Galway Tent Group is the FF***ers Tent at the Galway Races. Anyway, you’re right – it was Drumm and Seanie that funded this mess. Then you had Biffo & Co deciding to use your tax euros for the next few generations to guarantee those bankers debts – not just the citizens deposits, like here in the US – no- everything – bondholders, everybody. Why there wasn,t another revolution is beyond me. Now that you’ve got rid of TweedleDumb you elected TweedleDee. We’ll see where that gets you. They’re all spineless bastards – tell the EU and bondholders go to hell and accept haircuts – restructure like crazy – to hell with the German banks. Our Gov here did the same with the AIG debt – they paid Goldman et al 100% -instead of getting a discount. Let the taxpaying fools foot the bill.
    I better stop before I get excited.

  9. Duff

    From article in Vanity fair:
    So far as I could see, by November 10, 2010, the population of Irish people willing to make a stink about what has happened to them has been reduced to one: the elderly egg thrower. The next day we pull up outside his home, a modest old semi-detached house on the outskirts of Dublin. The cheery gentleman who opens the door in a neat burgundy sweater and well-pressed slacks has, among his other qualities, fantastically good manners. He has the ability to seem pleased even when total strangers ring his doorbell, and to make them feel welcome. On the table in Gary Keogh’s small and tidy dining room is a book, created by his grandchildren, dated May 2009, called “Granddad’s Eggcellent Adventure.”

  10. Corkman displaced in Greenwich


  11. a citizen left in Ireland to pick up the pieces from the likes of the Dunnes

    Dear Corkman
    What do you mean he got incorrect advice from his realtor re the noisy area of the house? Mr. Dunne is supposed to be (as he says i.e. The Baron of Ballsbridge) Mr. Big in real estate and development so what is wrong with him standing outside and listening to the traffic. He saw a possible loophole and he was going to sew it up his way. BTW, I believe his builder was someone he brought over from Ireland who presumably was well used to building and demolishing Dunne’s way without following rules. Here in Ireland there were no rules for Fianna Fail cronies. Re Enda Kenny, a journalist said the other night on the Vincent Browne show, the votes cast at the recent election were not so much for Fine Gael but they were votes against Fianna Fail. I imagine that is how we got Tweedledee as you call him. Let us just hope that Fianna Fail is done for and we can get a great many changes made and get on with getting the country back in business. I hope Sean Dunne and his “society” wife Gayle move on and get out of Dodge sooner rather than later. His know how and business sense leave something to be desired and they should go further afield to find something and someone that they can manipulate. Hopefully not in Greenwich.

  12. Duff

    You are correct Citizen; he did use a project management firm from Dublin. He also used a local, reputable engineering firm and architect. Neither firm would manipulate the system.
    So, it’s fair to say that Mr. Dunn brought all of this on himself.
    Corkman’s comments giving Dunn such credit are suspicious. Did he say he was a realtor?

  13. a citizen left in Ireland to pick up the pieces from the likes of the Dunnes

    Google Irish Independent today March 4th

  14. Corkman displaced in Greenwich

    just reading it – Stanwich is not another town in Connecticut – it’s Stanwich Road in Greenwich – article has it wrong…

  15. Duff

    with any luck, did they mean Stratford?

  16. Corkman displaced in Greenwich

    Yeah, you wish.
    No, I’m not giving the Baron and Baroness any credit. I’m just amazed that he thought he could walk in here and do as he pleased. And on top of that he bought on one of the nosiest streets in Greenwich ( when that wind blows in from the I95). He’s also only a stone’s throw from the Belle Haven Truck Stop.
    Duff, I’ve seen so many people over the years bend, tweak and downright break the Town regulations I almost feel sorry for this guy that is put up like a scapegoat – that’s all – no more.

  17. a citizen left in Ireland to pick up the pieces from the likes of the Dunnes

    I am glad you said “almost feel sorry for this guy”. Almost is the key word. Read the article in this month’s Vanity Fair on Ireland. Very good article. How can anyone feel sorry for the people that have knowingly put Ireland in this awful economic situation? They were out for themselves and certainly not for the good of the country. The Baron and Baroness loved all the publicity. Did you know that Gayle paid the highest price ever paid for a house in Dublin or in the whole of Ireland for that matter? Will she ever get her money out of that house?I would not bet the ranch on that one. Why would anyone do such a thing? Just to show off that they could afford it. But…….. it was all borrowed money, and now where is the money to pay NAMA back? Why are the Dunnes spending money on houses in the U.S. when they owe millions of euros to the banks back here in Ireland? Will Ireland ever see that money again? I doubt it. Where did they put the borrowed money? I wonder. David Drumm, now in Massachusetts, the head of Anglo Irish Bank which went under, has now filed for bankruptcy in Massachusetts. He left Ireland before Anglo was nationalized and paid millions for a house on Cape Cod. Now that house is up for sale and he has bought another one. This weekend in the paper there is a competition running by http://www.deltaindex.com to win a Euro 5,000.00 trip to see the former Anglo Irish Banker’s home and visit Wall Street in New York. This was one of Sean Dunne’s friends. They all worked together on bringing Ireland to its knees. Hooray for them! They were toasted as Ireland’s millionaires and billionaires and they were the bright sparks of the future. What now?
    The Baron and Baroness are not victims, they have left the victims here in Ireland.

  18. a citizen left in Ireland to pick up the pieces from the likes of the Dunnes

    I might also wonder just where Gayle got the money to pay the highest price ever paid for a house in Ireland? Did she save up her money from her salary from being a gossip columnist in a local Irish paper? Was she able to get a loan from Anglo Irish Bank to buy it? What did she have to put up for collateral for the loan? I bet these questions were never asked, nor will they be.

  19. Duff

    Dunn’s newest project…….. BOTE RD, Greenwich.
    Chris, maybe you can post the sale?

  20. a citizen left in Ireland to pick up the pieces from the likes of the Dunnes

    how the mighty have fallen