Sad news: Just Book’s Warren Cassell has died at 80

Article here. Warren was a mentor to every aspiring writer in town, I’ll bet. Certainly he was for me. He liked my first manuscript, which never did get published, but he championed it to Warner Books, introduced me to agents and, when I finally was published, hosted a book signing party for me, all while feeding me encouragement for years. A soft-spoken, funny, kind man with a ton of clout -he was president of the American Booksellers Association back in the days when there were independent book stores, so when he went to bat for you, it was something special. As was he.


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2 responses to “Sad news: Just Book’s Warren Cassell has died at 80

  1. Chris

    Another sad news yesterday … your favorite religion of pieces, this time from Kosovo. Didn’t we help them against the Serbs in the 90s? Isn’t Kosovo one of our “allies”?

    I thought we always send protection for our soldiers. Like when you go to Grand Central, you always see some 200 NYPD finest providing protection to the few soldiers walking around. Why can’t we do that all over the world. I am sure there are many retired NYPDs who would love the extra paycheck.

  2. Hu Nhu?

    Warren was among the nicest, genuine merchants in town. And his store reflected his fine, unassuming character. RIP