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More on Walt and Bernie

Walt shook this article free from his cat litter pan and sent it along to me. Interesting reading from Fairfield.


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Children’s clothes half-price on Greenwich Avenue

Rugged Bear is liquidating its 29 shops beginning tomorrow, including its store at 41 Greenwich Avenue. I’m past that market for my own kids and nephews and nieces and am, I hope, a bit away from grandchildren, but I seem to recall that their clothes looked pretty good in the shop window. I can’t vouch for actual quality but I wouldn’t think they expanded to 29 stores without offering value. Too bad for the owners and workers.


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Psst! Wanna buy a baseball team?

Met’s owners strike out in Madoff court, and don’t get to count their “profits”.  Look for a sale of the team, soon, because the Wilpons have no money. I’d say this judge got it right:

Dennis Jacobs, one of three judges hearing the case at the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, questioned whether a court-appointed trustee should be expected to make payouts based “on whatever amount Madoff made up while chewing on his pencil and looking at the ceiling.“

This ruling isn’t going to help Walter Noel with his own “we were victims too” argument.

UPDATE: I misread the article. As this WSJ makes clear, today’s hearing did not yield a ruling. But if the judges’ comments are indicative, the Wilpons shouldn’t hold out much hope.


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It happens to lawyers as we age, too

Child porn pervert loses his appeal.


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