Psst! Wanna buy a baseball team?

Met’s owners strike out in Madoff court, and don’t get to count their “profits”.  Look for a sale of the team, soon, because the Wilpons have no money. I’d say this judge got it right:

Dennis Jacobs, one of three judges hearing the case at the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, questioned whether a court-appointed trustee should be expected to make payouts based “on whatever amount Madoff made up while chewing on his pencil and looking at the ceiling.“

This ruling isn’t going to help Walter Noel with his own “we were victims too” argument.

UPDATE: I misread the article. As this WSJ makes clear, today’s hearing did not yield a ruling. But if the judges’ comments are indicative, the Wilpons shouldn’t hold out much hope.


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5 responses to “Psst! Wanna buy a baseball team?

  1. Inagua

    Wilpon is just another greedbag. He took out $300 million more than he put in. Like Walt, he wants to hang on to stolen money. No shame, no honor, just naked greed.

  2. Walt

    Dude Man –
    So as I am posting a note worrying if you got planted six feet under, offering to help, you are simultaneously taking a dump on me? Nice!! Better to be lucky than good, Weasel Boy.

    Bur read this:

    I have told you this from the beginning. FRONT RUNNING DUDE!! And everyone knew it. They came to me to get in. And get in on the scam. There are no victims.

    Lizard Boy – go eat a frog.

    And Dude – brunch tomorrow? No bacon and eggs for you!!

    Your Pal,

  3. So Greenwich

    I’m crying a river for all of them . . . .

  4. When the Madoff story broke, I should have known that the Yankees were behind it somehow.

  5. heather

    One can almost hear the chuckles coming from Round Hill Road over this one! It would be tempting to suggest Walt and Krewe (Mardi Gras IS Tuesday) are Yankee fans……but then they really are more a part of the polo and sailing set. At least “Sir” Allen Stanford and the Noels went for the exotic sports (Cricket and foreign husbands…….and clueless investors). Clawback-slawback……it is cocktail time in Mustique. Things will be just fine if the Noels can continue to fly under Vicky Ward’s radar ( Think: Vanity Fair: ).
    Sure, that darn Pickard person has been a mild pain…but it has been two years and Irving is 69! There is great hope. Altogether now with the new Noel theme song – “Time is on my Side”: …………….