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Ecch: more fecal material on grocery cart handles than in store bathrooms

Until now, I’d declined the use of those plastic handle wraps they’ve been passing out. I think I’ll start using them. By the way, the same study has nothing good to say about reuseable shopping bags, which I’d already figured out.


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If you’re a Civil War buff

The New York Times online edition has been running an exceptional series of articles on Lincoln – his election and the march toward war. Today is the 150th anniversary of his first Inaugural address, so that’s today’s topic. Each week’s article is written by a different historian and, try as I might, I can detect none of the usual NYT partisanship in any – just good, interesting reading. If this is your cup of tea, then I recommend the series.


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The YMCA story is out on Bloomberg

As a reader complains, it’s a little bland. It’s an accurate portrayal of the basic facts, but leaves out the bitter fight over selling Calf Island, the deliberate decision of the YMCA’s director to alienate and drive out  the old school loyalists who had kept the club alive for decades, the tossing out into the street of the por souls who relied on the Y for shelter or even the fact that the director was hired just after he had bankrupted a YMCA in Berkley, a feat he duplicated here.

The ragedy of the story was that all this destruction was for naught – the club is in worse shape than ever and I don’t think it will ever recover.


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It took longer than I predicted, but Patriot Bank is going down

Patriot sells off its non-performing loan portfolio and shuts most of its Connecticut branches, including the one in Old Greenwich. Maybe some bargains coming up on a bunch of unfinished Greenwich spec houses.


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The end of the thirty-year mortgage?

That’s the prediction, and many say, “good riddance”.


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24 Palmer Terrace in Riverside, which I mentioned here just last week as coming back on the market at a much improved price of $1.295, down from last year’s $1.995, was already under contract when I visited it yesterday.

57 Baldwin farms South, originally listed at $5.6million in May, 2009, finally dropped to $4.475 and it, too has a contract.

And 35 Shore Road in Old Greenwich, a legally sub-divided two-house lot, came on at the end of February asking $2.6 million and is now under contract.


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If Mike Huckabee is the future of the Republican Party, I want out

Fresh from revealing himself as a Obama “birther”, presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has attacked Natalee Portman as a single mother. As a high school student, Ms.Portman made it all the way to the Intel  semi-finals. At Harvard, she proved a brilliant scientist. Now, as an Academy Award winner, she’s chosen to have a child out-of-wedlock. I’d say she’s smart enough to know exactly what she wants to do and for a moron like Huckabee to attack her for her decision is beyond the pale. Get lost, Mike, and bring on Christie or Walker, the real future of the opposition.


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