Aw, isn’t it cute? The children still believe in Allah

Video instructs children on how to become suicide bombers.


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8 responses to “Aw, isn’t it cute? The children still believe in Allah

  1. Anon1

    wrong link.

  2. Chris

    I think we better stay away from Manhattan today. I heard that rallies by muslims will fill Manhattan by veiled women.

    Is there any room left in Manhattan for Christians & Jews ?

  3. Francois

    Chris: the reason you have too many veiled muslims in Manhattan is:

    1: American christians and jews are too coward to do their job in making Manhattan secure.
    2. OR American christians and jews are bullies who want to hire muslim slaves (to work for a Filthy Bullies Infidels org) to bully innocent muslim americans.

    It is a multiple choice questions with only 2 possible answers. It is impossible to have a third choice.

  4. Chris

    Christopher, what did I tell you? did you see this …

    Manhattan was taken over yesterday by veiled muslims. Christians and jews in Manhattan were probably too scared to leave their homes.

    Do you see the picture in this link? one of the posters says “muslimerican”. Is this an insult on the almighty great America by intentionally dropping the “A” in American ?

    Not only did she put “muslim” before “America” (remember our fellow American who got fired from NPR) but she also completely disrespected America by erasing the “A” out of America. What is next????

    Have we forgotten what our hero Bush said “you’re either with us or with the terrorist”?

  5. Chris

    Christopher – I bet you don’t know this:

    Someone once told me that all muslims don’t accept the cross. They say that it is our imagination that Jesus was crucified.

    Is this why Peter King wants to have all muslim americans treated like terrorists using his “radicalization” bullshit?

    Is this the most retarded way of wining the hearts & minds of the 2 billion muslims? Our failure to win wars overseas against terrorists should never justify mistreating the innocent muslim americans, even if they don’t believe in Jesus.

    How does this fit with my claim many months ago that I see “systematic ethnic cleansing of innocent muslim americans” ?

    By having some veiled women (working for FBI, etc) filling the streets doesn’t fool the 2 billion muslims. The low-class veiled women are just slaves, they do what they are told.

  6. Francois

    We Americans spend $2 billion a week on the war in Afganistan (that is over $1000 billion total to date). That war doesn’t look like it is ending anytime soon. No winning is happening so far.

    So may be Peter King is trying to find a way to declare some easy & cheap win over muslims. The easiest way is to declare a checklist for radicalization:

    1. Any muslim who doesn’t eat pigs
    2. Any muslim who doesn’t believe in the cross
    3. Any muslim who doesn’t believe that Jesus is son of God
    4. Any muslim who doesn’t believe that America is first & Islam is last
    5. Any muslim who tries to walk the streets of Manhattan
    6. Any muslim who tries to go to Grand Central
    7. Any muslim who drives a car
    8. Any muslim who says anything about the jews
    9. Any muslim who doesn’t go to church
    10. Any muslim who goes to Homedepot

    If any of the above applies to you then you are a RADICAL. And the filthy agents will do everything in their power to deprive you of your legal rights & apply their “ethnic cleansing” policy on you.

    Eureka, we found a way to claim “we are winning, we are winning” !!!

    Welcome to America.

  7. Kevin


    Everyone knows that many Americans are competing to make more money by bashing innocent muslim Americans. They saw many examples of people getting promoted for doing that.

    To give you one example: do you remember the negro who got fired from NPR for saying that muslim Americans say that they are muslims first and American second? He got rewarded a $2 million contract with another company.

    It is easy, if you want to be rich & feed your family then you need to say bad things about innocent muslim Americans.